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See Why North American Auto Malls Trust Human Detection Technology

Auto Dealership security is about more than protecting your inventory from theft, a full security solution should also protect against damage to your fleet. Your main concern is that your vehicles are presentable for sale and that your customers have a safe and comfortable buying experience. Our proprietary security technology enables you to better protect your auto dealership's perimeter, storage lots, service lanes, key drop locations and showrooms.

We do things a little differently than other providers because of our combination of video surveillance, live remote guarding and real-time crime verification & reporting to protect dealerships from crime and other threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers also chose Radius because of our locally-owned North American Command Center. Our camera analytics track and detect threats to your dealership, alert Radius operators, who respond immediately. This combination of analytics and confirmation of threat by our security experts is what has built our reputation of receiving priority police response time to our customer sites.

Take Control of your Security Solution.

Ultimate control of your security means your response actually results in police contact with any suspicious persons on your dealership – our term for this is an apprehension. Police respond faster to crimes in progress, which is why our Human Detection Technology was designed to catch criminals red-handed. Our Live Video Monitoring team catches any suspicious events in progress and coordinates an immediate response. Like our operators, you can also remotely patrol your dealership at any time using your smartphone or laptop. Our customers use this to optimize their operations or check in on their car sales teams remotely.

Read more about the solutions we recommend for Dealership Security:

What Are The Biggest Threats to your Dealership Security?

Before partnering with Radius, many of our customers have used security guards or self-monitored camera systems that have been ineffective because of the unique challenges of securing Auto Dealerships. The Automotive industry faces three major crime challenges, and one of these is typically the catalyst for Dealership Managers to start the search for a better crime-prevention solution for their car lot.

1.     Theft on Car Dealerships

An outdoor car lot is vulnerable to theft because typically there is no fenced perimeter protecting the high-value assets that are left outside year-round. Unfortunately what makes for a convenient buying experience, causes some challenges when it comes to security. Security guards, cannot be everywhere at once, which is why Loss Prevention Officers have found security technology to be the best solution for protecting their dealerships. Protecting assets such as tires, rims and catalytic converters which are one of the most commonly stolen items off unprotected dealerships and car lots.

2.     Liability Claims and Customer Car Damage

You have likely dealt with fraudulent liability claims when a customer has left their vehicle with your service department. This had been the main issue with many of our customers which prompted the creation of our Investigations Department. This department will review camera footage to detect any existing damage to vehicles upon arrival, ensuring any pre-existing damage to your customer's vehicle is not attributed to your service.

3.     Vehicle Vandalism on Dealerships

The more expensive and pristine your dealership is, the more attractive it is to vandals. Your best plan of action is to catch them in the act using camera analytics camera surveillance to monitor any suspicious behaviour, and apprehend any vandals on site is the best way to solve

Improve Shopper Experience by Preventing Overnight Crime

With a fully-integrated system, you can view your car lot remotely over the Internet. This tool gives you access to footage to help you to settle customer claims and create a safer environment for shoppers.

Car dealerships are one of the biggest targets for theft and vandalism, costing both time and money to replace parts or repair damage. Going through insurance and paying deductibles adds up quickly. This is why Aly Jiwani, the Vice President of the Open Road Auto Group wanted to find a solution that avoided having to go down that road altogether.

"I have definitely experienced both worlds of just a standard security guard and then Radius Security" Jiwani admits and after experiencing crime almost on a weekly basis before implementing his Redhanded system, and now he says when he starts opening up new dealerships that Radius Security is one of the first calls he makes.

Aly's favourite part of working with Radius Security is the preventative measures that are put in place and when suspicious behavior is detected, Aly gets a notification to his phone with details on whether or not a police response was required.

"These are things that if Radius Security wasn't watching over my properties, then who knows what could've happened."

#Protected - the story of Aly Jiwani

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Comparing Live Video Monitoring as a Security Guard Replacement

Cost Savings

By replacing on-site security guards with advanced video monitoring technology, Redhanded video surveillance can save you 40% on your security costs.  Added security measures like live security camera monitoring can help to reduce your property's insurance premiums in most cases and most insurance companies accept it as an acceptable replacement to live guards.

Studies Show: Criminals Return to Dealerships when they don’t get caught.

Being victims of repeat-crime is what caused the founders of Radius Security to develop the Redhanded Human Detection system. Alarms and sirens – while effective in some cases – are not effective when deterring future crime on outdoor car lots. This system was designed for Dealerships that want to catch trespassers in the act, and silently alert police to a crime in progress. The biggest difference is that once a police officer has apprehended (or arrested) a trespasser on-site this can prevent or solve up to 30 other crimes.

When you partner with Radius, you are not only protecting your dealership, but you are helping to strengthen the community surrounding your business. It is this that makes our customers proud of the work we do together. To learn more about our community initiatives, visit our Community Matters page.

Crime Reporting, Investigations and Open & Close Reports

Total control of your security means you are informed immediately of any suspicious activity or attempted crime on your dealership. Once our team has coordinated a response in partnership with local law enforcement, you will receive all the information, criminal case number (if applicable) and full detailed report, so you have all the answers you need to reassure your team that your dealership is protected 24/7. Your partnership includes access to our Investigations Leader who is on-hand to help answer any questions you have about police response or to help gather evidence if required for a criminal case.

Our Command Center Operators work through the night to ensure your dealership is in great shape for opening the next day. If you choose as well, the Radius team can also provide Open and Close reporting to help you monitor your staff coming and going to optimize your operations.

Download a Sample Open & Close Report Here

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