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Top 5 Tips To Optimize Your Remote Guarding Solution
by Lester Ko April 12th, 2023 in Security Resources
Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes, 11 seconds
Installing remote guarding technology on your site is just one aspect of the security equation to keep your business safe from theft. Here are some best practices to help you unlock all remote guarding has to offer, and more.
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Are The Recent New Legislations Enough to Stop Catalytic Converter Theft?
by Lester Ko August 22nd, 2022 in Auto Dealership Security, Security Resources
Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes, 56 seconds
With the cost of replacing catalytic converters soaring to new heights never seen before, states around the world are enacting new bills; also dubbed the “Scrap Metal Act”, to help combat the rampant cases of catalytic theft. But the real question remains: Will the new legislation be enough, or will it just be a temporary remedy leaving the “cats” on the streets to fend for themselves yet again?
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What Does Crime Displacement Mean to your Community?
by Suzanna Su December 10th, 2021 in Security Resources
Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes, 43 seconds
Whether you see it or not, wherever there are people, there is crime. Every community is susceptible to crime, with some more than others. Research reveals that crime intervention doesn’t eliminate the problem. More often, crime is displaced to another form when the offender doesn’t get the appropriate support from their community. Understanding the dynamic between neighbourhoods and crime displacement is crucial in finding more sustainable solutions to a safer society.
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Why Police Respond Faster to Radius Security Calls
by Stephanie Dawe November 12th, 2021 in Security Resources, Measuring Results, Saving Costs
Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes, 47 seconds
More than 90% of calls have been deemed as false alarms, forcing police to pick and choose what calls to make a priority. Many business owners assume that by having an alarm system, they are guaranteed to be protected by authorities. Did you know that due to false alarms from traditional alarm systems, authorities have stopped prioritizing calls from most security systems?
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What We Learned About Catalytic Converter Thefts At IAATI 2021 Annual Training
by Suzanna Su October 14th, 2021 in Security Resources
Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes, 27 seconds
Our team in Texas took part in the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators 2021 Annual Training Seminar in San Marcos, TX and joined a workshop discussing the rise of catalytic converter thefts. Here are what we learned from the training.
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