Our Caught in the Act Video Series

We understand crime is complex and do not wish to glorify it. Our Caught in the Act series of videos show live crimes in progress on our customer locations and the police response to these situations. When choosing video we apply researched principles to minimize their triggering effect:

Radius Security is committed to protecting businesses and developing technology that keeps communities safe. Crime is a complex issue typically perpetrated by desperate individuals. Our mission goes beyond stopping crime. We also seek to understand the societal factors that lead to crime and invest in programs that support individuals to make healthier choices. 

Causes of Crime in the Community

Dedicated Employee Team

In 2017 Radius Security committed to mitigating the impact on individuals apprehended through the use of our Redhanded Human Detection solution by giving back to organizations that help youth facing barriers to create meaningful relationships in their communities. The Community Matters team is responsible for determining the recipients of the company's annual charitable donations and volunteer efforts. To learn more about our Community Matters team and the organizations we support please visit www.radiussecurity.com/community-matters 

Why do we share apprehensions? 

Individuals that target our customers' businesses will continue until there is police intervention. Proof of our solution's success depends on our Command Center working with responding law enforcement to intervene before any crime has taken place. We try to intervene before any act of theft or vandalism takes place, preventing stricter consequences for both our customers, responding officers, and the individuals involved. 

Our competitors do not track, measure, and share the impact they have on their local communities. At Radius Security, we believe it is our responsibility is to put in processes and systems to measure the number of individuals impacted by our solution and to demonstrate how we work with law enforcement to protect our customers.

Causes of Crime

The root cause of crime often results from factors impacting children's social, economic, cultural, and personal upbringing. Underprivileged children are more vulnerable to crime and complex social, emotional and behavioural problems.

Preventing crime in communities is not only catching and intervening but understanding its origins and motivations is crucial in finding sustainable resolutions. The conditions and environments we provide to children strongly impact their physical, intellectual and emotional development in becoming independent and responsible members of society.

Building resilience and trust with youth facing barriers can significantly help minimize risks and stress. Children facing barriers need support from dedicated organizations, the public system and other essential services to break the cycle. Needless to say that these young individuals are at risk of committing a crime when it appears to be the only way to cope with the insufficient resources they have.

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