The Work of the Radius Security Community Matters Team

Our Community Matters team works in close collaboration with community partners to support youth who are overcoming barriers to create positive, lasting relationships, and become leaders in their communities.

This employee-led philanthropic team is responsible for determining the recipients of the company's annual charitable donations and volunteer efforts.

This year, The Federation of Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN) and the John Howard Society have been chosen as the recipients of our financial grants and volunteer efforts. 

Our work with The Federation of Youth in Care Networks

Supporting Youth Facing Barriers

Our partnership with the FBCYICN aligns well because of their mission to create a safe space for youth to come together, build connections, identify challenges and feel a sense of belonging. The youth who participate and drive the programs at the FBCYICN, have or are currently in the foster care system.

Since 2017 our donation has directly impacted the Youth Retreats where youth come together from all over the province, in a safe space to receive support, counselling and create life-long memories.

We also fund the Dream Fund Scholarship, where youth from the BCFYICN apply to receive funding to help overcome some of the barriers they are currently facing. Recipients have used their Dream Fund awards for anything from post-secondary tuition, Food Safe training and passion projects like yoga or photography classes. Employees of Radius Security also volunteer their time to help in the selection process.

If you would like to learn more about the Federation of BC Youth in Care Network, visit their website.

Building Safer, More Inclusive Communities

The John Howard Society contributes to building safe communities by providing a variety of programs and services supporting people directly involved in the criminal justice system or who are at risk of involvement. Their mission is to foster inclusive, safe, and healthy communities.

Radius Security's contributions have been directed to their Choices and Consequences program which brings experiential speakers to schools, youth custody facilities, and other community organizations to share their personal stories of the choices that brought them into contact with the law. 

Our most recent gift is supporting the launch of the new Restorative Justice program, an alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals who have caused harm in their community. The program provides a facilitated meeting where the person who caused harm and those impacted can meet and collaboratively create a contract, or resolution agreement, to repair the harm. 

If you would like to learn more about the John Howard Society Society Pacific, visit their website.              John Howard Society of BC

the Lasting Impact on Radius Security Employees

The Community Matters team is a volunteer committee, with the goal of encouraging our employees to be responsible givers in all aspects of their lives. We believe education and developing empathy are key to becoming better citizens and learning how to make a difference in our communities. To learn more about our initiatives follow us on Instagram

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