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Remote Job Site Video Monitoring. Complete Perimeter Protection. Gate Access Control.

Securing your construction site against theft and vandalism can be challenging. You have:

  • Stockpiles of construction supplies
  • Large, expensive equipment
  • Constantly changing job sites
  • Remote locations
  • Frequent contractor access

Basic outdoor CCTV security cameras and security guards alone are not enough to completely protect your entire site 24/7. Especially when you’re managing multiple sites at once. Studies show that criminals who are not caught in the act will come back. They will repeatedly victimize your site and add to your existing security costs. But Radius Security’s remote guarding solution--outdoor video security with analytics-enabled live video monitoring--catches criminals in the act.

As a general contractor, your goal is to complete projects on time and on budget. Frequent theft and vandalism to machinery can cause significant project delays. Copper theft. Sub-trade disputes and worker incidents. Crane climbers. All these headaches can cost you time and money. Our customers rely on Radius Security to help law enforcement catch criminals red-handed.

Solar Power: What if your job site has no direct power source? Not a problem. In areas like Texas, where there’s plenty of sunshine and valuable equipment arrives on site before electrical connectivity does, Radius Security deploys versatile solar-powered trailers delivering the same Redhanded remote video monitoring technology available on connected sites. More info on solar powered solutions.

Time-Lapse Video: Document progress and market your project with time-lapse cameras that take photos every 15 minutes. Generate videos to show clients and decision makers an overview of your building as it grows, or to showcase your services. And scan the images for details at any time to keep your project on track. More info on time-lapse video.

Access Management Solutions: Gate access systems with control panels are essential to track the many contractors and sub-trades entering your site every day. Always know who is where, and when. More info on access control and management.

Read More About the Solutions We Recommend for Construction Security:

What are the Biggest Threats to Construction Site Security?

Copper Theft on Job sites

Copper is a big target for thieves. Highly valuable for resale, copper and construction tools are among the top items stolen by trespassers. Unfortunately, security guards can’t be everywhere on your job site at once, and it often takes more than one guard to secure a typical job site. Security guard companies also focus on securing site trailers and routinely walking the perimeter in a predictable pattern, leaving equipment, copper wire, and tools vulnerable for up to hours at a time. Live remote video monitoring has reduced the rate of copper theft since 2019. Read more about the role of video camera analytics in stopping copper theft here.  Read more about the role of video camera analytics in stopping copper theft.

Sub-trade Disputes and Worker Incidents

You have likely dealt with liability claims when a worker or sub-trade has been injured on site. Our investigations department can help you find and access the security video recordings you need to ensure you and your workers are covered. Our Investigations Leader will pull relevant camera footage and compile a report for you to ensure you have all the evidence you need in the case of an insurance or legal dispute. As a site manager, it’s your job to have access to all the information you may need, and we can help you champion your position. Our investigation service can also be a remote management tool. Learn more about how our security videos can be used to intervene in cases of job site impairment. 

Crane Climbers
Unfortunately, cranes are extremely attractive to both adrenalin junkies and those who are substance-impaired. As everyone in the construction industry knows, these scenarios can endanger trespassers and cause lengthy project delays if there is a tragic result.  Your best plan of action is to use camera analytics to monitor any suspicious persons on-site and work with police to apprehend trespassers before they climb the crane. Check out our blog post, How to Build a Security Strategy for Crane Climbers or visit Crane Climbing Prevention.

Why Alarms don’t work

Evidence shows apprehensions are the only way to eliminate crime on your construction job site completely.

By using sirens to scare trespassers off your site, you’re unable to catch them red-handed – making recovery of stolen goods impossible. It also makes it tricky to build evidence in a criminal case against someone because proving the connection between your assets and the assets in their possession is very difficult if there is no continuous footage of the crime.

Many jurisdictions and residential communities also have noise bylaws in place that do not allow loud sounds and sirens overnight. If you rely on sirens for your security response, then you’re likely to run into some issues depending on your location. While we agree that sirens and strobe lights can be effective in some situations, we do not recommend them as your first line of defence.

The most important reason alarms are ineffective for security on construction sites is because they give the trespasser time to escape before any police officers can respond. By silently working with law enforcement and tracking the suspect on-site, our clients can be part of a solution to help build property-crime-free neighbourhoods.

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How Can I Save Money on my Construction Security Budget?

Paul the Project Manager thought he could save his company some money by removing security from the budget. Sound familiar? What he didn’t realize was that cutting back on security typically results in unexpected downtime, damage to equipment on site and other indirect costs. Today’s security technology, however, prevents crime more effectively than ever.

Eliminate Crime on your Construction Job Site

# 1 Stop Trespassers

Catching a thief before they take your tools and copper wire or a vandal before they damage your crane, saves the costs of those materials and equipment. It also prevents any delays from shutting down your site or replacing your equipment. If you lose a crane, the downtime could cost you $100,000 per day. That’s more than your security budget for an entire project.

#2 Prevent Repeat Crimes

According to Fred Lohmann from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a force multiplier occurs for future crimes; one apprehension will prevent up to 33 future crimes. By using these tools, you not only decrease your insurance claims, but you could eliminate crime from your job sites completely.

Remote Construction Management Tool

With a fully-integrated system, you can view your sites remotely over the Internet. This tool enables you to keep sub-contractors on track and manage the productivity of your workers. Access to daytime footage also helps you to settle disputes between sub-contractors and create a safer work environment for everyone on site.

As a Project Manager for DGS Construction, Daniel Rossi understands the issues of theft and vandalism quite well. In the past, he has tried other security systems to avoid having any delay in their construction timeline. But problems still arose in the form of copper theft and vandalism, costing them more in downtime.

"We've had a lot of issues in the past," Rossi admits. Most issues like copper theft won't kill a project outright, but the costs start to add up over time, adding to overall security costs.

DGS Construction currently uses Radius Security installations on six of its work-sites. Rossi oversees two of these himself, observing security footage from the comfort of his smartphone. He can also access any DGS site with Radius protection at the touch of a button. "On my phone and my desktop, I have access to every single one of them,"

#Protected - The story of Daniel Rossi

Blocker Risk Prevention Program

Deterrence is an important part of any site security strategy. In 2019 we developed the Blocker Risk Prevention Program. This program uses messaging to discourage trespassers. Free for our customers, we install construction banners in key areas around your location to warn potential trespassers to go elsewhere. Often trespassers aren’t hardened criminals, so using messaging and visuals to reinforce the consequences can be a successful deterrent in some cases. The back of these banners also provides a perfect backdrop, allowing our analytics software to screen out triggers from outside your property and prevent false alarms.

Security experts agree if you can block visibility of high-value assets, or attractive machinery, it is less likely intruders will attempt to break in. Which is why our blockers are made from 100% opaque material to block curious people from seeing into your construction site.

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