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Unlike auto dealerships, heavy equipment and farm equipment distributors face the added challenges of serving rural communities, sometimes in remote locations. At Radius Security, we've designed a video security solution specifically to guard remote, vulnerable outdoor locations and stop crimes in progress.

How to Catch a Criminal Red-handed

To guard valuable assets like tractors and other heavy equipment, you need continuous video monitoring. Here's how our Redhanded™ remote guarding solution works:

  • Our Command Center operators monitor live video feeds from your dealership 24/7.
  • Our Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software alerts them of any suspicious human movement.
  • Operators confirm trespassers on site, or as they approach.
  • If there is a crime in progress, operators notify local police and send video evidence.
  • With video alarm verification, police assign the incident high priority and catch the potential thieves in the act

Wherever you are located, it is important your fleet is secure and you can expect a fast police response to suspicious behavior. Human Detection Technology™ can help you prevent any thefts before they happen.

Avoid False Alarms

False alarms pose a significant problem for law enforcement and waste valuable resources. With Human Detection Technology™ software, our security cameras can distinguish between human trespassers and cows, branches, and other objects that might cause a false alarm with conventional motion sensors and night cameras. If police officers know your dealership has a real intruder, they respond much more quickly than if they suspect a false alarm.

Reduce Costs

Using Human Detection Technology™ can help lower your insurance premiums with some providers. By investing in a video-analytics-enabled security solution, you can save up to 40% of your security costs compared to using a static security guard. Contact us today to find out how.



Industry Leaders

For 75 years, Radius has built a reputation for innovative solutions and dedication to life and safety. We are pioneers in video monitoring and construction leak detection. Clients trust us to protect their people and property.

Top Results

Our 50% apprehension rate is the highest in the industry, with 700+ successful apprehensions in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, our 1.2% false alarm rate is the best in the industry.

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

From our central Command Center, trained operators offer 24/7 monitoring and support. Our local offices serve sites across Canada and in Texas.


Police Relationships

We build strong relationships with local police forces. With our record-low false alarm rate and real-time crime verification, dispatchers trust Radius. That means priority police responses—and even more apprehensions.

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