serving industries across Canada and in Texas. 

Our clients understand technology plays a key role in protecting their high-value assets. To eliminate crime, customers, security providers, and local law enforcement must work together. Our Radius Security team has collaborated with experts in each industry to tailor a customized security solution best suited to their unique challenges. We are proud to serve these industries in the great state of Texas, and coast to coast in Canada.


Construction Site Security

Working with construction management professionals, we have designed a security program specifically for active, ever-changing job sites. You need your project completed on time, on budget and without interruption. Crimes like theft of copper wire, tools, and computers threaten your site. As a project manager, you must also deal with crane climbers and impaired trespassing, both of which can be extremely costly. With Radius, you can get the police response you need to catch criminals in the act and eliminate repeat crime on your site.

Presentation Centers and laydown yards can also be a target for potential thieves and vandals. Often less busy during the day, these outdoor locations can pose different risks than job sites. Our program employs choke-point security tactics, access control, and perimeter protection to address these risks. 

Abandoned Building Protection: The pre-construction phase of a project can be troublesome enough without adding delays to building demolition. Protect the perimeter of your construction site before demolition begins to avoid additional delays to your project. 

Learn more about our outdoor security solutions for construction sites here.

Auto Malls, Dealership Security and RV Lot Protection

Auto mall security cameras need to be as sleek and sophisticated as the architecture of the dealerships. We have built an effective solution without compromising the dealership's beauty and modern appearance. Most importantly, dealership managers have peace of mind, knowing they don't have to worry about theft or vandalism at outdoor car lots or damage and liability claims in their service department. Learn more about our dealership security solution here.

Heavy Equipment Dealers

Different than auto dealerships; heavy equipment or farm equipment distributors face added challenges of sometimes being located in remote locations and serving rural communities. It is important that no matter where you are located, your fleet is secure and you can expect a fast police response to suspicious behavior. Human Detection Technology can help you prevent any thefts before they happen. Additionally, using added security measures such as Human Detection Technology, can help lower your insurance premiums with some providers. Often business owners in this industry will turn to night cameras and motion sensors, however without video analytics, unwanted motion like branches, raccoons and spiders can cause false alarms. Seen typically as a more-expensive investment, camera systems for heavy equipment dealers, you can actually save up to 40% of your security costs compared to using a static security guard. Contact us today to find out how.


The prototype of our Redhanded product was developed to first protect marinas from theft and vandalism. So naturally, this is one of the industries we are experts in protecting. Many luxury boat owners want to enhance security on their boats that often sit vulnerable on an open marina overnight. Not only that, but surveillance cameras for marinas can also reduce liability if there were any crimes or accidents on the marina facilities or while docking. Many marinas turn to self-monitored CCTV kits, however as a boat captain we know your number one concern is maintaining the integrity of your boat’s buoyancy and protecting your family and assets on board. Having a security surveillance system monitor your marina 24/7 will give you peace of mind when using your boat late at night – we’re here for you. Learn about our experiences with repeat crime on marinas here.

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