Protect Your Site and Safeguard Your Assets with Remote Guarding

Security is vital for protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your entire operation. Our adaptable security solution can be customized to fit any industry and site layout. We specialize in providing comprehensive security solutions that cover everything from the perimeter to specific zones, such as storage areas, service locations, drop-off points, and facilities.

Our competitive advantage lies in advanced video surveillance and real-time threat verification systems. Our state-of-the-art security cameras, equipped with cutting-edge video analytics technology, can identify potential security threats across your facility. Whenever suspicious activity is detected, our expert operators receive immediate alerts and respond promptly from our very own Command Center.

In a rapidly evolving security landscape, traditional security measures often fall short. That's where we come in, offering tailored asset protection solutions designed to meet your organization's unique needs, regardless of your industry.

Protect My Site With Remote Guarding!

Enhanced Surveillance

We deploy a network of high-definition cameras for comprehensive surveillance, strategically covering vast and remote areas. With constant 24/7 monitoring, it promptly detects security breaches and suspicious activities.

Cost-Effective Solution

A cost-effective security solution compared to on-site guards. We utilize advanced technology, reducing staffing requirements which leads to substantial cost savings. Extensive coverage to reduce financial losses from theft, property damage, and operation disruptions.

Tailored Security Solutions

Scalable and adaptable for automotive dealerships of all shapes and sizes. Effortlessly integrates cameras, sensors, and monitoring stations as your infrastructure and business expands. 

Strict Compliance and Safety Standards

Ensure compliance and safety with Radius Security. Detailed surveillance and incident documentation. Accessible video records provide transparency during investigations, safeguarding against fines, litigation, and reputational damage.

Remote Access Control

Integrate access control systems with remote guarding for efficient management of entry and exit points. Security personnel can remotely grant or deny access based on predefined criteria, ensuring restricted areas are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Monitored By A 5 Diamond ULC Listed Centre

Get top-tier security from a 5 Diamond ULC Listed Command Centre. Highly trained professionals provide real-time monitoring, ensuring reliability, expertise, and strict protocol adherence. Enjoy peace of mind with swift responses to potential threats.


Watch Us Catch Intruders In The Act

Crime Doesn't Pay

Watch this action-packed footage captured by our remote guarding solution as a daring thief attempts to trespass onto a site and make off with some donations. Little does he know that his every move is being monitored, and the police were waiting just outside to ensure he faces the consequences.

Thanks to this remarkable footage, authorities possess indisputable evidence to press charges against the suspects.

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Customized solution for business of all sizes, across different industries.

Remote Guarding Solution

Catch Suspects

A security solution designed to keep your business running smoothly while effectively assisting authorities in their mission to apprehend wrongdoers.



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Let's Protect Your Site And Catch Suspects Redhanded™ Together.

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