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Radius Security’s Noah Construction water leak detection and control system protects construction projects from costly water damage. Our leak detection installations keep your buildings on schedule for occupancy and prevent the supply chain headaches for back-ordered replacement materials.

Water damage prevention also reduces your insurance costs. Half of all commercial insurance claims in Canada are related to water damage. Totalling 3 to 4 billion dollars, they account for 71 per cent of costs claimed. Water is the new fire when it comes to insurance claims.

Water damage claims mean high deductibles and increased premiums. A history of claims can make it difficult and expensive to secure insurance coverage for future projects.

Clients Trust Radius Security

Clients depend on Radius Security’s expertise and come to us for innovative solutions because we are pioneers in life safety and security. Our clients’ trust has made Radius an industry leader.

On a Friday night, one month before completion, a small water hammer in a dishwasher on the top floor of a 17-storey multi-residential project failed. By Monday morning, the undetected leak had reached the ground-floor lobby. A security guard was on duty during the leak, but did not notice it. Millwork, ceilings, walls, and floors had to be replaced throughout the building.  

Delay: three months. Total cost: more than $10 million.

After this incident, the client asked Radius to design a system to detect a leak as small as 1 to 3 gallons per minute—because existing solutions don’t work for construction sites. We developed Noah Construction water leak detection and control to save developers and general contractors from such disastrous losses and delays.

If there is a leak, Noah knows. And so will you.

Water Damage Prevention During Construction 

A building under construction should have no water flow after hours. Noah detects any water flow and controls the leak right away. Here’s how it works:

  • Noah’s central control panel monitors water flow from the mechanical room.
  • Water flow triggers an alert to Radius’ command center.
  • Operators visually verify the building is empty.
  • They remotely shut off the water to the building.
  • They drain the remaining water in the plumbing stack above the leak.
  • Radius Security’s command center alerts the site supervisor.

Noah In-Suite Water Leak Detection

Water leaks cause the most damage in multi-residential buildings nearing completion. As suites are fitted out, the risk of leaks goes up. Refrigerators, toilets, dishwashers and other water leak sources can cause millions of dollars in damage, but you don’t want to shut down an entire building’s water supply because of a leak in one unit. The solution? Noah in-suite leak detection powered by AkiSens.

  • Sensors are installed to detect even small leaks in each suite being fitted out.
  • Noah shuts off water to the individual unit. No water means no damage.
  • Shutting off supply to only at-risk units avoids inconvenience to unaffected suites.

AkiSens is the best-in-class in leak detection solution. It meets Radius Security’s high standards for research and development and customer service. After extensive research and due diligence, Radius partnered with AkiSens to deliver the water risk mitigation expertise you need today.

Protect your project with Noah water leak detection. Investing in water risk mitigation is a win/win for general contractors and developers. It prevents costly delays during construction and pre-wires units for a Noah In-Suite water leak detection system for occupied multi-residential buildings.

After occupancy, a strata council or rental property owner will need to budget for insurance for the building and individual suites. Having a pre-installed water leak prevention system in place will save on insurance costs and makes the units more marketable.

Noah In-Suite Water Leak Detection: powered by AkiSens, monitored by Radius. To learn more, visit or call 1.877.632.2407

Why Use Noah for Water Risk Mitigation?

24/7 Water Flow Monitoring and Leak Detection

Noah solutions work better for water risk mitigation than security guards or residential DIY leak detection systems. In a project with non-functioning elevators, a security guard cannot catch every leak by visual inspections only.

A residential leak detection system can fail because a construction site’s water usage and electrical connectivity differs from that of an occupied building. Moreover, many different trades are on site at all hours. Annoyed by leak detection, they may disarm the system and forget to turn it on again when they leave. Without 24/7 monitoring, it is impossible to know whether your project is protected until it is too late. Other problems may include:

Timing is everything. If there is a water leak, you need to know immediately. Choose Noah for leak detection.

Choosing a Water Damage Prevention System

When researching water leak detection systems, you will find cloud-defined virtual controller technology and algorithm-based systems as well as Noah’s real-time, 24/7 monitored leak detection and control. All systems require extensive testing to confirm operation at install for system commissioning, but what else should you look for?

Complies with Industry Standards. Noah Permanent, powered by AkiSens, is certified by PrevCan (the Water Damage Prevention Association of Canada) and complies with its Code of Ethics. It meets all PrevCan standards for manufacture and system design..
Internet Security. Noah does not rely on cloud technology, or depend on Wi-Fi or the Internet to operate.
Back-Up Power.
Three-Year Warranty. Unlike with other systems, Noah’s three-year warranty will still be in place when buyers move in.
Abnormal Flow Detection. Noah’s water flow controls are programmable by technicians. When end users program these controls, errors are more likely.
Real-time Leak Detection. Algorithm-based systems turn off the water flow when usage falls outside expected levels for each suite. Noah puts sensors in place to detect active leaks and does not assume users always follow predictable patterns.
Extensive Testing upon Installation.
Temperature Monitoring for pipes.

More effective than security guards alone. More tailored to construction sites than residential DIY leak detection systems. More secure than cloud-based virtual controllers and more accurate than algorithm-based systems. Noah water leak detection is the best choice for your multi-residential building project.

To learn more, visit or call 1.877.632.2407.

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