Noah In-Suite leak detection system prevents costly water damage in occupied multi-residential buildings. Our water damage mitigation technology detects and stops leaks from multiple sources in individual suites.

The Challenge of Water Damage

Developers, building owners, and property managers are facing skyrocketing insurance premiums and deductibles for new multi-residential buildings, existing rental buildings, and strata properties. The culprit? Water damage.

Water leaks can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. In fact, 60 to 90 per cent of condo insurance claims are water-related.

 April 2021: An undetected leak from a fridge with a faulty ice maker caused extensive damage to the original suite, neighboring   units and common property. The insurance deductible alone cost $100,000.

Building owners and managers have a hard time finding an insurer that will cover an entire existing condo or rental property with a history of damage. Even when you secure adequate insurance coverage, the premiums and deductibles keep rising with new claims.

Water leak detection and control in a new or existing occupied building, meanwhile, can also be challenging. Water may leak from many different sources--appliances, toilets, pipes etc.—so each suite requires multiple sensors. You cannot shut off water to the entire building, forcing other occupants to move out, because of a leak in just one suite. How do you control water leaks in individual units?

The Noah In-Suite Leak Detection Solution

Noah In-Suite, powered by AkiSens leak detection solutions and monitored by Radius Security, protects individual suites against water damage without shutting off water to unaffected suites:

VanFire and Radius Security’s clients trust us to provide the best life safety and security solutions available. We demand the highest standards in research and development and customer service. After extensive research and due diligence, Radius partnered with AkiSens, the best-in-class water risk mitigation experts, to help developers and property managers with leak detection.

In existing buildings with excessive leaks, Noah’s in-suite water leak installations:

For new buildings, buyers, strata managers, and rental property owners appreciate the added value of water damage prevention for the suites. Loss prevention and increased market value: it’s a win/win solution for developers and owners alike.

Our specialists at Radius Security are here to prepare presentations and provide specifications for your stakeholders about water risk mitigation. Visit or call us today at 1.877.632.2407.

Choosing a Water Leak Detection System

When researching water risk mitigation, you will find cloud-defined virtual controller technology and algorithm-based systems as well as Noah’s real-time, 24/7 monitored leak detection and control. What should you look for?

Water Mitigation Technology and Reliability (AkiSens Individual Suite Controller vs Cloud-Defined Virtual Controller)

Unlike other leak detection systems, Noah checks all these boxes as your best choice for leak detection and control. More secure than cloud-based virtual controllers and more accurate than algorithm-based systems. Noah water leak detection is the best choice for your multi-residential building project.

The choice is clear: If there is a leak, Noah knows. And so will you.

To learn more, visit or call 1.877.632.2407

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