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Live remote video monitoring. Construction water leak detection. CCTV. Radius Security protects your people and property 24/7 with the latest in technology. Our Redhanded™, NOAH, and Stool Pigeon solutions offer real-time alarm verification and protect your assets against vandalism and loss. Save on security costs and increase your revenue with Radius remote management features.

719 Total Apprehension Events752

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993 Persons Apprehended1,015

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1.4% low false alarm rate<1.3%

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Radius Security 24/7 Secure Coverage
Eliminate Crime & Save Money.

With Radius Security, you can replace live guards, enhance your security protection, and ensure priority response from law enforcement. In other words, you can rest easy knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your business.

Human Detection Technology
Protect your business or construction site using Human Detection Technology™. The camera analytics alert our Command Center operators when suspicious activity is detected. We then monitor the situation, verify that a crime is in progress, notify law enforcement, and assist responding officers in real time. We help you bring trespassers to justice.
Live remote-monitoring and reporting
Live Remote Monitoring & Reporting
If you're using a conventional surveillance system you already know it can’t verify a crime in progress or update the police in real time. When you choose Live Remote Monitoring, our local, specially trained and licensed security personnel will do more than monitor your property. You'll have eyes and ears on your business 24/7 to remotely manage your staff.
Alarm Video Verification
Video Alarm Verification
95 ‐ 99 % of alarms are false alarms. Video Alarm Verification virtually eliminates false alarms, dramatically improves response times, and increases apprehensions 100-fold. That means you won’t just capture images of intruders; you’ll help the police to catch them in the act.
Live Law Enforcement Feed
Live Law Enforcement Feed
When you partner with Radius, you are providing law enforcement with a live feed of events as they unfold to ensure a priority police response. And, best of all, it will help you safeguard responding police officers.

Helping You to Protect Your People and Property is What Matters Most to Us

Find out why people just like you trust Radius Security to protect what matters most to them.

Double Feature - Construction Site Hit Twice by Wire Thieves
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catch intruders in the act
Witness how customers like you catch criminals in the act across Canada and in Texas.
#PROTECTED - The Story of Aly Jiwani
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Hear from business leaders who have partnered with Radius to protect their business.
Redhanded Human Detection Technology
The best way
to catch criminals
is Redhanded™
Redhanded™ is Radius Security’s one-of-a-kind remote guarding solution that protects your property and helps police catch bad guys redhanded.
Radius Security Supports the Community
Every dollar you spend with us, we donate a portion to youth programs that teach those most at risk how to create positive, lasting relationships and become leaders in their communities. Learn more about how your business can make a sustainable difference in the communities we live in.
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