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Security for Construction Sites in Alberta

Calgary and Edmonton are two hubs that are at the heart of Alberta’s construction market, amounting to over 50% of the projects in progress in Alberta. According to the Alberta Construction Association, 1 in 10 Albertans work in Construction, contributing to 8% of Alberta’s GDP. We partner with Developers and General Contractors in Alberta and being part of the team helping to build a strong future for Canada gives us a great sense of pride.


Combating Crime in Saskatchewan

The mix of rural and urban areas in the province of Sask. makes for some challenges for combating crime on local construction sites. This is why we partner with developers to build a solution that reduces false alarm rates. With our Redhanded Human Detection Technology, we filter out triggers caused by wildlife, weather and other motion-based events. Maintaining the integrity of our system is of the utmost importance in this region to ensure police and the RCMP know they’re responding to a crime in progress.


Security for Car Dealerships across Canada

Calgary is home to one of the largest auto malls in Canada, and they needed a solution that covered their entire square footage. What’s unique about our auto mall solution is that we work with each of the dealers to build a strategy that works together. This helps us add analytic-enabled security cameras in a pattern that truly builds a Closed Circuit Television network – criminals cannot hide from view, even at night. Learn more about our Auto Dealership security solution here.


Loss Prevention for Farm Equipment and Heavy Machinery Dealers

The wheat fields and oil production facilities of the prairies are known as Canada’s crowning jewels in the agricultural industry. This also means farm equipment and heavy machinery are a hot commodity requiring protection from both petty thieves and strategic criminals. Our outdoor remote guarding solution protects your equipment, tools, vehicles and machinery so you can get the job done.


Security Guard Replacement

Unfortunately, static security guards cannot be everywhere at once, which is why many of our customers have switched from guards to our Redhanded Human Detection Technology. After experiencing crime on their outdoor lots even with security guards present, they searched for a solution tailored to the unique needs of their industry. Our Alberta and Saskatchewan Security Specialists are trained on the challenges of guarding high-value assets in Canada’s interior and will work together with you on a solution to catch criminals in the act. Our customers choose Radius Security to help bring down crime rates in the surrounding local communities by apprehending – together with law enforcement – trespassers on-site before they leave with your valuable equipment. Click here to learn more about Human Detection Technology.


Security Services Currently Offered in Alberta & Saskatchewan:

Redhanded Human Detection Technology

Calgary Associations We’re Proud to Partner With

Calgary Construction Association


The Calgary Construction Association's mission is to help its members thrive now and into the future and to be an advocate for the construction industry.

Motor Dealer's Association of Alberta


The MDA strives to serve the collective interest of all its members and promote positive relationships with government, industry, suppliers, consumers and media, by offering needed and effective programs and services. Our members include over 90% of Alberta's franchised new vehicle and heavy truck dealerships.

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