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Locally owned and operated in Richmond BC, Radius Security has been proudly offering guarding services across British Columbia since 1985. Since its inception Radius has specialized in Security Technology solutions to replace static security guards. While security guards have a role in protection, unfortunately they cannot be everywhere at once which leaves large outdoor car dealerships and construction sites unprotected.

Our mission expands beyond protecting your assets, our customers have chosen Radius Security because they want to contribute to building a stronger and safer community. It is proven that the only way to eliminate crime is by catching criminals in the act. Like you, our customers have used security guards in the past, but became frustrated with the high costs or additional security costs when an incident occurred.

Why Project Managers Have Replaced Security Guards on Construction Sites in Vancouver

We believe in humans too, which is why our security solution uses advanced security camera analytics and our expert team of Command Center Operators to verify a crime is in progress on your job site. We don’t use motion detectors as they too are unreliable, and can trigger at anything as simple as a raccoon (who also love to frequent Vancouver construction sites)! Our proprietary security technology and Human Detection Analytics only trigger when there is suspicious activity on site. At that point our local Command Center team verifies there is a crime in progress and works hand-in-hand with police to coordinate a response.

Additionally, using Redhanded Remote Guarding, you can save up to 40% of your security budget when compared to traditional security guard costs.

Project Managers across Vancouver also want more than security from their provider. Like you, they have multiple job sites that they will manage at once and can come across challenges such as job site impairment and liability disputes. Those who have chosen Redhanded also gain access to their cameras from any internet-capable device through our platform, in addition to our 24/7 Command Center personnel who are on standby to offer any support in remote managing your job site. Just like the example of Daniel from DGS construction. He too wanted an easier way to manage multiple sites remotely using his phone and laptop.

#Protected - The Story of DGS Construction

Be Part of the Security Technology Revolution

We have not developed this proprietary solution without consulting with experts in each of the industries we serve, and we couldn’t have done it without them. You play an incredibly important role in contributing to the safety and security of your local community. By advancing your security to a solution that not only solves your issue of crime but actually works with law enforcement to apprehend criminals on site. Catching them red-handed. Studies show that the only real way to stop crime in its tracks is to catch them in the act. Many of the industries we have worked with feel that security guards cannot give them adequate coverage 24/7, which is why they have partnered with us to design a better solution for their high-value outdoor assets.

Another industry that has made major strides in innovating the way they view security is the automotive industry. Managers of dealerships across Metro Vancouver have opted to switch from security guards to advanced security technology like Redhanded. To learn more about how our solution protects dealerships and auto malls visit: Link to page #5

Security Services Currently Offered in British Columbia

BC Associations We’re Proud to Partner With

Vancouver Regional Construction Association


The VRCA proudly represents the general and trade contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who operate as both union and open-shop employers in B.C.’s industrial, commercial, institutional and high-rise residential construction industry.

Stone, Sand and Gravel Association


British Columbia Stone Sand and Gravel Association is committed to the affordable, sustainable development of BC’s aggregate resources, providing information to the public, ongoing input to the province, and maintaining government regulations while fostering positive constructive communications with aggregate industry members and mining-related associations across Canada.

Building Owners and Managers Association


Our industry supports the province's small businesses and provides community infrastructure that impacts British Columbian's everyday lives. We offer our members advocacy, environmental programs, education and a fantastic array of networking opportunities.

Professional Association of Managing Agent


To uphold and maintain high professional, ethical and educational standards within residential property management; to provide a forum for members to interact and promote the advancement of the industry; to give an authoritative voice to the industry in its dealings with legislative and governmental bodies.

Real Estate Institute of Canada (BC Chapter)


We are an active chapter providing a wide range of services to REIC Members at the local level. These programs and services include seminars, networking opportunities and industry-related information and updates.  Our events are very generously supported by our sponsors.

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