5 Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

by Susanna Chu August 8th, 2019 in Construction Security, Auto Dealership Security, Outdoor Asset Security, Security Resources
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5 Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

Why install a security system with live video monitoring? The obvious answer is to catch criminals. A live video feed allows Command Center operators to track suspects and notify police of a verified crime in progress. That, in turn, gives the incident priority status and often leads to apprehensions before significant damage or loss occurs. That’s the obvious reason for using live video monitoring. Such a system, however, brings significant benefits in other areas.

1. Job site safety. Security cameras with live video feeds help ensure workers comply with established health and safety policies. Operators may be able to spot a dangerous situation, prevent injuries and dispatch help quickly. After an accident, the video can be analyzed to identify risk factors and prevent future accidents. The footage can also be used for future training sessions.

2. Impaired employees. Heavy machinery. Torches. Exposed high-altitude platforms. Bulky material loads. A job site is the last place you want to find impaired employees. Yet drug and alcohol impairment has long plagued the construction industry. With live video monitoring, operators can spot erratic behaviour and perhaps prevent a fatal accident.

3. Risk and liability. A monitored security system deters would-be thieves and intruders. Since a large percentage of thefts are committed by employees, continuous monitoring—using video analytics software--is an important risk management tool. DVRs can also prevent false liability claims. Many businesses from retailers to health clubs to job sites face personal injury claims by visitors. Clear video footage weeds out the scams.

4. Insurance costs. Since security systems reduce risks and liability, insurance companies often offer discounts between 5% and 20% if you install one. A system with 24/7 live video monitoring--much more effective than traditional CCTV--typically qualifies for a higher discount. This blogger, in fact, notes that stand-alone CCTV cameras may not qualify for a discount at all, but reduced insurance costs are a nice bonus for installing a more effective monitored video security system.

5. Management. Live video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your business from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can observe employees, production processes, progress of construction in real time. Live video monitoring can be useful as a management tool, so that you can see what’s going on, beyond oral and written reports.

While a live video monitoring system secures your property and prevents theft, it is also an important management tool that improves efficiency and brings savings in other areas.

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