Fire Safety Plans: Guidelines for owners, contractors, managers, and developers

by Susanna Chu April 25th, 2018
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Fire Safety Plans: Guidelines for owners, contractors, managers, and developers

 Do you need a fire safety plan? The answer is “Yes!”--if you own, manage or build

  • Commercial and recreational buildings
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Low-rise and high-rise developments
  • Large multi-building complexes

An FSP must be in place before you can obtain an occupancy permit for these buildings. Once your buildings are occupied, you will need a properly completed and stored FSP ready for your annual fire inspection.

What is in a Fire Safety Plan?

A properly developed fire safety plan protects building occupants, reduces damage and prevents emergencies. It helps building occupants gain confidence and familiarity with emergency procedures. It should include comprehensive, detailed information about your building and emergency procedures that work and are easy to understand, such as:

  • A comprehensive fire safety building audit
  • Documentation of building resources and human resources
  • Fire department and firefighting information
  • Specific emergency procedures for occupants
  • Fire drill procedures and records
  • Methods for controlling fire hazards in the building
  • Maintenance schedule for the building’s fire protection equipment
  • Alternative safety measures for occupants
  • Building schematic floor and site plans

Fire Safety Plan Requirements by City 

Most municipalities regulate the information required for your FSP and how you store your plan. Here are some quick links to the requirements for cities across North America:



Fire Safety Plan

Edmonton & Calgary

FSP for construction and demolition template for Alberta: 

Edmonton: Fire Safety Planning for Construction, Renovation and Demolition Sites

 Calgary: Building Fire Safety Plans       


Ontario Office of the Fire Marshall Fire Safety Planning for Industrial Occupancies (TG-01-2016)

Ontario Fire Code (see Division B, s. 2.8 re: fire safety plan requirements): 



Seattle Fire Code, Emergency Planning and Preparedness 

Plan Review for buildings under construction or remodelling

San Francisco

New Fire Safety Requirements for Building Owners (December 26, 2017)

Fire Department Plan Check Services 

Los Angeles

Fire Development Services (Fire Life Safety Plan Inspection and Check )


High Rise Emergency Procedures (see s 13-78-040 Creation and filing of a plan) 

How to Choose a Fire Safety Plan Consultant

To create and successfully implement a fire safety plan which complies with your city’s requirements, you will need to choose a competent fire safety plan consultant. Here’s what to look for:

  • References to satisfied clients with comprehensive, effective plans.
  • Extensive experience in fire safety
  • Open and effective communications throughout the process. Available for and receptive to feedback and revises the plan as needed.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of local, provincial/state and national regulations and standards.
  • Up-to-date methods and technologies, e.g. digital drawings and plans
  • Will take care of all submissions and communications with your local fire department and will forward you the approval letter.

If you operate in the Metro Vancouver area, you can contact our fire safety division, Vancouver Fire, for more information..

Note: This blog discusses general safety and security topics. It is not intended to provide comprehensive advice or guidance. In all matters of personal safety and security, We encourage readers to research topics in depth and consult a security professional about specific concerns..

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