Multiple Chainsaws Stolen from Ontario Business

by Stephanie Dawe February 16th, 2021 in Crime in Your Area
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Multiple Chainsaws Stolen from Ontario Business

Ontario provincial police are investigating a commercial break and enter after several chainsaws were stolen from a business. Initial investigation leads to indicating the theft was sometime between 6 p.m. on Feb. 14, 2021 and 10 a.m. on Feb. 15, 2021, unknown person(s) entered the property, damaged a parked vehicle and entered several storage units.

Unfortunately, the business did not have an advanced security system and unfortunately lost 4 orange Husqvarna chainsaws (estimated value $1,600) in addition to damage caused by trespassers to a parked vehicle and damage to multiple storage units. The initial reports did not confirm whether the OPP knew how many people were involved or the actual time that this occurred. 

Ontario business owners are encouraged to protect their outdoor lots with a security solution that alerts the Ontario Provincial Police when a crime is in progress. If your property has a basic camera system, this could mean you are able to review footage after an event has happened. Unfortunately, this doesn't protect you from crime, it only allows you to record it. In our experience without police catching the perpetrator in the act, it makes it fairly difficult to prosecute and prove they committed the crime. 

A remote guarding solution like Redhanded could help businesses like this respond to crime when it is happening. Radius Security is one of the only remote guarding companies that own and operate a Command Centre in North America. Our operators confirm a crime is in progress before working with police to apprehend the trespassers before they even realize any response has taken place. This causes a dramatic decrease in false alarm calls from Radius Security and can help the police to respond faster with live information of the crime in progress such as; 

  • How many persons are involved
  • The exact location of the persons on site
  • Live tracking by camera operators from Radius' Command Centre
  • Whether or not the persons are armed
  • Whether or not the persons have a vehicle, bike or are on foot
  • Physical description of persons involved
  • Video evidence of theft for prosecution

If you are looking for outdoor perimeter protection in Ontario, and would like a free quote to upgrade your security solution please call us at 1 (877) 632-2407. 

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