News Round Up: Thefts Remote Video Monitoring Could Have Prevented

by Susanna Chu July 2nd, 2018 in Construction Security, Auto Dealership Security, Outdoor Asset Security
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News Round Up: Thefts Remote Video Monitoring Could Have Prevented

Working in security, we are continually stunned by stories where a remote video monitoring security system could have stopped thieves in their tracks. Why, we ask ourselves, don’t businesses do the obvious and monitor activity around their valuables? Last week’s newsfeed brought us these gems:  

1. 26 vehicles. 26 sets of wheels and tires. US$100,000 loss. “There were no security cameras at the time.” Stories like this one from Marlin, TX make us shake our heads. The owner of the auto dealership was “surprised, but not shocked,” since similar thefts are on the rise everywhere. And, since the dealership was in a rural location with little drive-by traffic. The thieves also worked at the back of the site hidden from view.

However, as the local sheriff pointed out, such thefts can occur anywhere and better lighting would help. At Radius, we know that a remote video monitoring system like Redhanded would have issued an alarm as soon as intruders entered the lot and long before they had time to remove 26 sets of wheels. Typically, police arrive at our clients’ sites before the thieves have time to remove one set.   

2. Locking up is not enough. Farmers in Tulare County, CA, have lost $440,000 in tractors, utility trailers and other equipment stolen this year. One farmer tried welding locks over batteries and motors, which made the vehicles difficult to service and the tractors are “torn up when people chain the equipment to their vehicles and pull stuff off.” Local authorities suggested GPS, tracking devices and chemical identifiers are helpful in recovering stolen property. Again, an event-triggered video security system would prevent the theft in the first place.    

3. Copper wire and appliances make construction sites popular targets. A construction site in Memphis, TN lost US$20,000 in copper wire, along with other equipment and materials this week. The police hope that nearby security cameras may have footage to identify the thieves. Persons quoted in the story note that such thefts are likely inside jobs and inevitable. In fact, another construction site had recently had US$50,000 in appliances stolen over the course of weeks. In both situations, a remote guarding solution would have notified police within minutes of an intrusion. Why hope for security footage from your neighbours or allow thieves weeks to steal equipment? Or, in this case, hope for fingerprints and DNA on an empty whiskey bottle left behind at the scene of the crime?     

To us, these thefts seem easily preventable. Here are some videos of similar incidents where we have caught criminals in the act. Wouldn’t you prefer to be one of the businesses in our videos than one of the ones in our newsfeed this week?



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Note: This blog discusses general safety and security topics. It is not intended to provide comprehensive advice or guidance. In all matters of personal safety and security, We encourage readers to research topics in depth and consult a security professional about specific concerns..

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