Property Crime in Austin Texas

by Stephanie Dawe February 23rd, 2021 in Crime in Your Area
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Property Crime in Austin Texas

While Austin Texas has recently faced extreme weather and power challenges, property crime never stops. Crime incidents sourced from more than 18,000 local law enforcement agencies show that Austin Texas is safer than only 7% of other US cities. Currently, there have been almost 37,500 reports of property crime in the city of Austin. 

What are my chances of being a victim of property crime in Austin? 

On average, you have a 1 in 26 chance of being a victim of attempted property crime in Austin Texas. There are 38.29 crimes committed per 1,000 residents annually in Austin. That compares to a rate of 23.9 crimes per 1,000 in the state of Texas, meaning there's approximately a 1 in 42 chance of being a victim of attempted property crime in Texas. 

Chances of your business being targeted greatly increase if you have high-value assets stored outdoors. As shown by this report from NeighborhoodScout.com shows the number of crimes per square mile in Austin compared to the rest of the state of Texas.

Austin Crimes Per Square Mile

This shows that both the State of Texas and the National Median of the entire United States hover around 28.3 crimes per square mile. That jumps substantially in Austin Texas to 136 crimes per square mile. 

Property Crime in Austin Texas 2021

What can I do to target-harden my outdoor storage lot? 

There are several things you can do to increase protection on your outdoor storage lot. Whether you're storing building materials, heavy construction equipment or luxury vehicles these principles are the same. For a more comprehensive plan specific to your location, contact us and one of our Security Specialists will provide you with a custom plan quotation at no cost to you.

  1. CONSIDERATIONS FOR YOUR PERIMETER PROTECTION:  Some of the first things we look at are how you're protecting your perimeter. This can include fences, gate access control, lighting in key areas and environmental design. Your perimeter is the first line of defense, so we recommend putting up something to either block passers-by from viewing into your location or to deter any trespassers by posting signage in key areas. 
  2. BEST SECURITY CAMERAS FOR OUTDOORS: Of course as a security technology company we recommend protecting yourself with a camera system that not only records crimes but is also able to actually help you respond to attempted crimes before any damage/loss can occur. This is how you can really save money on your security budget and insurance premiums. A good system can also work as a remote management tool if you have staff working outdoors, we've seen many examples of Dealerships and Heavy Equipment sales centers use cameras to optimize movement through their location or for managers to check in remotely as needed. Learn more about how to evaluate a successful security camera company by downloading the top questions to ask (see the bottom of this post for download link). 
  3. WHAT SHOULD BE LOCKED AWAY?: Really anything of value should be locked away. This includes hand-held tools, computers, keys/fobs, anything that can be hand-carried off your lot. A full-service security solution will include something like gate access control where you can control and record who has access to your lot at all times. 
  4. COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR SECURITY TEAM: In order to have full control of your business' security, having a good relationship with your security provider will really help. A local Command Center team and investigations team are going to be a big asset to your security solution. Most companies will outsource their security camera monitoring overseas, in our experience owning and operating our North American Command Center gives us the ability to get to know your security on a more intimate level and therefore provide a more well-rounded response. It is important that you regularly communicate staffing changes with your Command Center and Security team. Unfortunately, crimes caused by staff or terminated employees is common and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure all changes to after-hours access are changed as required.  
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: Crime prevention through environmental design is a huge factor in designing a custom security solution for your outdoor lot. Considering where you're located, are you close to pedestrian traffic or is there a large population of homeless persons nearby? Do you have natural barriers like ditches or highways to protect access to your perimeter. Utilize what you already have around you to protect your assets. Another perspective to environmental considerations relates to making sure your cameras are vandal-proof and can function regardless of the weather (hot or cold!)
  6. IMPROVING AUSTIN POLICE RESPONSE TIME: Build relationships with your local law enforcement. They will be the best resource you have to know more about the local criminal activity. If you get the opportunity, invite your local law enforcement team members to tour your business. The more familiar they are with your site, the more likely it is to have a successful response when needed. Something else officers love is having access to your cameras in the event of a live crime-in-progress. This will give them the ability to respond with all the information they need. For example, how many people are on your site, are they armed, where are they hiding, etc. For more information on how you can ensure responding officers have access to your cameras, reach out to us. 

Looking for more tips? Our Security Specialists team has a combined 35+ years of industry experience and is ready to help you respond to any crime you're currently experiencing. We take crime personally, send us an email using our Contact us page or call our 24/7 North American Command Center at any time at 1-877-632-2407

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