#PROTECTED Video Series - Crimson Builders

by Stephanie Dawe March 18th, 2020 in Customer Success Stories
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#PROTECTED Video Series - Crimson Builders

Chet Farnsworth had trouble with recurring theft on his construction site, substantially impacting the timeline and cost of the project. Crimson Builders used to rely on a traditional camera system to protect their sites. However, they found themselves watching trespassers and crime on their construction site, the morning after it happened.

After 40 years in the construction industry, Farnsworth says that;

"Ultimately, no security is paying for security."

Just an audible alarm going off didn't resolve the issue of returning trespassers, they would keep coming back. What Farnsworth really wanted, was a solution that completely eliminates crime on Crimson construction sites. 

Crimson Builders is a construction company that makes a difference in people's lives, for the people that work for them, their sub-contractors and their customers in Texas. It is this work that Farnsworth loves about his company. So finding a solution to this problem was important to Farnsworth to protect his community, his staff and projects.

Now, protecting the community and your staff also means you have measures in place to manage your site remotely and have an immediate police response if crime were to happen on your construction site. One police apprehension prevents and/or resolves 33 other crimes.

Chet Farnsworth shares his solution for crime that couldn't be stopped.

#PROTECTED Video Series - Crimson Builders

By working together with Radius Security, Farnsworth has now implemented the proprietary  Redhanded Human Detection solution for his Crimson Builders sites.

This means he is now using a combination of CCTV, remote monitoring, real-time crime verification and reporting to help police apprehend trespassers and decreasing crime in his community, as well as on Crimson Builders Construction sites. Farnsworth now also has the ability to check-in on his sites when working remote to help manage sub-contractors when needed. 

To talk to a Specialist about a Redhanded solution for your construction site or car dealership in the Dallas Fort Worth area or Canada, please call 817-410-2233 or email using the form below.

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