#PROTECTED Video Series - DGS Construction

by Stephanie Dawe May 25th, 2020 in Customer Success Stories, Construction Security
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#PROTECTED Video Series - DGS Construction

The family-operated construction management company, DGS Construction, has been around since 1982, developing projects in all corners of Vancouver, BC. They manage anywhere between ten and fifty of these million-dollar projects at a time, which can be incredibly taxing. So the need for a convenient, easily-navigated security system is clear. This is why Daniel decided to look for a solution that did more than inform him of a theft overnight - Daniel wanted to catch them in the act.

"Radius Security was the best for us… it's just easy to navigate," Rossi says. "I have it on my phone, have it on my desktop. It's there with me, I can check up on my site whenever I want."

As a Project Manager for the DGS Construction, Rossi understands the issues of theft and vandalism quite well. In the past, he has tried other security systems to avoid having any delay in their construction timeline. But problems still arose in the form of copper theft and vandalism, costing them additionally in downtime.

"We've had a lot of issues in the past," Rossi admits. Most issues like copper theft won't kill a project outright, but the costs start to add up over time, adding to their cost of security overall.

So, What Changed?

Well, for Rossi and DGS Construction, change came in the form of a state-of-the-art tool that didn't just scare criminals away, but one that also kept them off-site for good. "In our contracts, we are required to have a security system on-site ... someone that's reliable. And we found that with Radius."

#PROTECTED Video Series - DGS Construction

In Rossi's experience, the security industry is undergoing constant change. "The industry is just evolving and changing as we speak," he says. And at the forefront of these criminal countermeasures is none other than Radius Security. "From having personal guards on-site, to now having top of the line video controlled and analytic software behind it … it's basically revolutionized the security industry," Rossi says.

DGS Construction currently utilizes Radius Security installations on six of its work-sites. Rossi oversees two of these himself, observing security footage from the comfort of his smartphone. He can also access any DGS site with Radius protection at the touch of a button. "On my phone and my desktop, I have access to every single one of them," he says.

It hasn't taken long at all for results to start flowing in for DGS Construction. "We've had several incidents where we've actually had apprehensions on site," said Rossi. Results have been consistent, and it seems DGS has been pleased with the results.

"We have a really good success rate, and we get a police report at the end of it."

This excellent success rate has reduced the risk and stress of illegal activities on DGS' sites quite significantly. Rossi says the ability to check in on his construction sites at any time is also a considerable help. "The peace of mind that we get with Radius is that at all hours of the day we can check up on the site," he says. "So not only am I getting security after hours (and) throughout the night, I'll get phone calls whenever that they suspect that there's an incident going on."

Beyond this, Rossi also says the tools provided by Radius are helpful in day-to-day work-site surveillance. "I also use it during the day where I can then use the cameras to check up on what's going on on-site," he says. "I'm able to zoom in, zoom out, and see what's actually happening without actually having to go to the site." This makes it possible to manage contractors remotely, as the live camera feed can be accessed by any internet-capable device, at any time.

The remote camera viewing capabilities provided by the Redhanded Human Detection Technology, combined with attentive Command Center Operators, who are on-hand 24-hours a day, have saved Daniel Rossi and DGS Construction a fair bit of heartache.

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