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May 2nd, 2022 in Measuring Results
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The British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police host the Police Leadership Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia annually. We have seen many familiar faces return to our booth – which is a large accomplishment for Radius as we are ecstatic when we are remembered! One of the most important parts of being a leader in the security domain is building a strong relationship with law enforcement. After many successful apprehensions thanks to the help of Redhanded technology, officers trust us with being their eyes and ears to alert them as soon as we detect suspicious human activity. With the help of local law enforcement, Radius’ customers apprehended over 1,188 people who trespassed onto their construction sites and car dealerships. A working relationship is key between police and monitoring stations like our local Command Center to provide responding officers enhanced information when attempting to apprehend someone. At the CACP Leadership conference we love to make new connections, see some of our favourite heroes, and demonstrate how together we can help protect responding officers. By giving dispatch teams access to our cameras, they see what we see. This can help them identify information that they wouldn’t otherwise have including the number of perpetrators that are on site, where exactly that they are (live feed), and whether or not they are armed. We maintain our valued relationships while actively attempting to create new ones along the way.

We were excited to see over 600 of Canada’s brightest law enforcement experts, and we saw 75 visitors snap some photos in our new “line up”. As the theme of the conference was "Leveraging Emerging Technology: Our Virtual Reality", which fits well with our proprietary Redhanded human-detection technology. It is important to business safety and the trust that law enforcement places in thanks to the reliability of this technology. We enjoyed networking with all sorts of law enforcement professionals and are so happy to see everyone in person again!

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