Radius Security #Protected Series: Shawn Rixon | C&S Collision

by Lester Ko April 14th, 2023 in Customer Success Stories
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Radius Security #Protected Series: Shawn Rixon | C&S Collision

Shawn Rixon's #Protected Story

Protecting your business from theft and vandalism is no easy feat, but with the right security measures in place, it's possible to safeguard your livelihood. That's the message behind our #Protected Story, which features Shawn Rixon, owner-operator of C&S Collision in Dallas, and his experience with our remote guarding solution.

The video opens with Rixon sharing his passion for seeing how things are made and put together, and how fast trucks can be fixed by his team. However, that passion turned to frustration when one of his trucks was stolen from his shop. He recalls the moment, saying, "We came into work one morning and started going through all the cars, and I'd ask about a certain truck, and we couldn't find it."

As a small business owner who values his relationships with customers, Rixon feared the worst. "To have to call one of them and tell them that we lost something of theirs, I think that would probably be the worst day that you could possibly have," he says. It's a feeling many business owners can relate to, and one that inspired Rixon to seek out a better security solution.

That's when he turned to Radius Security, and the difference was immediate. Rixon was impressed with our Human Detection Technology and the fast response time and cooperation from the police. "It is nice to have no worries about 'Is my shop secured?' To know that somebody is watching, to know that the guys know someone is watching, that peace of mind, it makes it easier just to relax and enjoy your job," he says.

If you're looking for a remote guarding solution to keep your business secure, we encourage you to check us out at www.radiussecurity.com/redhanded to learn more about how we can #secure your site too.

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