Security Providers: Why the cheapest will likely cost you more

by Susanna Chu April 12th, 2019 in Construction Security, Saving Costs
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Security Providers: Why the cheapest will likely cost you more

Faced with tight budgets and timelines, everyone wants to save money. But that doesn’t mean you should cut corners on your security. Hiring the security provider with the lowest monthly fees--or, worse, a DIY kit from a big-box retailer—can cost you in the long run. You wouldn’t trust a $5 haircut or a $200 car, would you? Just think about what you’re giving up when you choose based solely on price. 

A Concrete Example

Consider the additional costs of choosing a cheap video surveillance system over an event-triggered monitored system for a concrete company that suffers a theft. Let’s say a catalytic converter.

  • On-site security guard: $6,000 to $10,000 per month
  • Replacement unit: $8,000, plus labour and shop time for a mechanic at $150 per hour
  • Lost revenue for concrete Ready-mix truck: $10,000 per day

In addition, if your company is unable to deliver concrete on time you risk losing your reputation and contracts for large projects. Then there’s the hassle of dealing with such an event. Even one apprehension with a remote video monitoring system could save you significant direct and indirect costs.


How you'll know it's time to secure your construction site with a remote guard


Here are 3 factors you should consider before deciding on your security provider.


1. Trigger monitoring results in a more effective response.

Security cameras featuring video-analytics technology may cost more than a conventional CCTV camera system but will likely save you time and headaches in the long run. Video-analytics software identifies suspicious activity. Once triggered, the system sends short video clips to the Command Center team. There, security professionals verify the event and notify police as necessary. Catching trespassers, RedHanded.

  • Human video verification means police will assign the event higher priority and respond quickly.
  • A swift police response means a better chance of catching suspects—before they do damage.
  • Fewer false alarms and more apprehensions ensures police trust our reports and will respond quickly in future.

Police in Toronto demand alarm verification to reduce false alarms

All that adds up to solid savings. Isn’t it better to stop an intruder before he has a chance to take off with a sports car or vandalize an excavator? What’s the point in tracking down a thief after they have already sold your copper wire?


2. Security guards can only be in one place at a time.

Guards get tired – they’re human and unfortunately, like us, can only be in one place at a time. Using only security guards to watch your site full time, on average, will cost 40% more than a video-analytics system. With an event-triggered video system, guards are only dispatched when needed. They also don’t have to scan entire banks of CCTV monitors, which leads to exhaustion and likely missing suspicious activity.

How video analytics prevents security guard fatigue


3. Apprehensions help end repeat crimes and trespassing.

Video alarm verification means faster police responses and therefore, more arrests. By catching trespassers and vandals in the act, with video evidence, means they won’t be back to your site. Fewer repeat crimes, in turn, means a more secure site and fewer losses. Each apprehension can prevent or solve up to 30 crimes. This is because it’s likely your site was not the suspects’ first target, nor would it be their last--unless they’re apprehended.

Not convinced? Consider the alternatives.

A basic web cam is a one-time investment. It’s easy to set up and there are no monthly fees, unless you want to pay a teenager to sit and watch it all day. Basically, it allows you to tell police what the suspect looked like and they can post grainy photos on their wanted list. An officer may come back with a binder of photos of possible suspects. Maybe.

Basic security measures such as window and door contacts, glass-break alarms, security lights and audible alarms may scare young children or slow down youthful trouble makers, but an experienced thief—and anyone else nearby—will ignore the sirens. Your assets will be gone in less than three minutes.

Traditional CCTV monitoring typically involves full-time security guards monitoring multiple screens. But again, with the cost of the guards and the risk of fatigue, this may be your most expensive solution.

A word of caution: Not all video-analytics-enabled security systems are created equal. Discuss high-definition cameras, battery back-up, data storage and transmission, pattern-based algorithms, etc. with your provider

So before you choose a security solution, consider what you’re potentially compromising and don’t decide on price alone.


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