Stopping Construction Crime Saves Time and Money

by Susanna Chu February 13th, 2020 in Construction Security, Saving Costs
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Stopping Construction Crime Saves Time and Money

As a construction project manager, you’re expected to get the job done on time and on budget. It’s tempting to remove items like security from your bids to win projects. However, doing so will often lead cost you more. Some project managers might go with old-fashioned padlocks and fences, or even a simple webcam, to save on security costs.

In this example, Paul the project manager didn’t realize that cutting back on security usually results in unexpected downtime, damage to equipment on-site and other indirect costs. Today’s security technology, however, prevents crime more effectively than ever and thus prevents delays and losses.

Here’s how security on job sites has evolved:

  1. Perimeter fencing and locks: As our many apprehension videos [link to CIA page] show, most trespassers simply climb over, go under, cut through or cut the locks on fences.
  2. Guard services: Costing thousands of dollars monthly, guard services do deter some criminals. However, a security guard can only be in one place at any time and human fatigue is always a risk. Thieves and vandals can and do sneak by.
  3. Video recorders: Traditional security cameras were an important break-through in identifying trespassers and burglars. Unfortunately, even if police officers managed to find the suspects, the images were not always conclusive enough evidence to lead to charges and convictions.
  4. Motion detectors: Then came professionally monitored motion-detection cameras installed on mobile trailers. Security companies called site contacts whenever these cameras flagged movement. Unfortunately, since raccoons, trees and tarps all move, 98% of the alarms were false. Police were unhappy and learned to respond less quickly. Project managers were unhappy about being woken up in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, those trailers were easily hauled off-site and the service again cost thousands of dollars a month.
  5. Human Detection Technology: This latest development catches suspects red-handed and pushes the live footage to responding officers. Last year, Radius Security had more than 600 apprehensions, with an average response time of 4 to 8 minutes. With a live view, police officers arrive in time to catch criminals in the act because they know the alert is not a false alarm.

So how does investing in current technology save money?

  1. Stops incidents: Catching a thief before she takes your tools and copper wire or a vandal before he damages your crane, saves the costs of those materials and equipment. It also prevents any delays from shutting down your site or replacing your equipment. If you lose a crane, the downtime could cost you $100,000 per day. That’s more than your security budget for an entire project.
  2. Prevents repeat crimes: According to Fred Lohmann from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a force multiplier occurs for future crimes; one apprehension will prevent up to 33 future crimes. By using these tools, you not only decrease your insurance claims, but you could eliminate crime from your job sites completely.
  3. Supports site management: With a fully-integrated system, you can view your sites remotely over the Internet. This tool would enable you to keep sub-contractors on track and manage the productivity of your workers. Access to daytime footage also helps you to settle disputes between sub-contractors and create a safer work environment for everyone on site.

The next time your company bids on a project, remember that investing in security technology is a more effective management strategy than hoping trespassers, thieves and vandals won’t take too much or damage too much.

To learn more about protecting your job site from crime, and the advanced security technology available, please visit usa.radiussecurity.com/construction-sites or call a security specialist at (817) 410-2233 for a free no-obligation security assessment or quote.



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