Storm Warning: How Severe Weather Affects Outdoor Security

by Susanna Chu October 2nd, 2019
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Storm Warning: How Severe Weather Affects Outdoor Security

Texas folks know all about thunder and lightning and high winds. This past June, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 90˚ F humidity collided with a 70˚F cold front to generate downburst winds that hit 71 mph winds at Dallas Love Field.* Hundreds of North Texans lost power. And a construction crane killed one person and injured five others when it crashed into an Old East Dallas apartment building. [full story]

Edmontonians could empathize as they crawled out from a soggy summer plagued by hail, thunderstorms, flooding, and tornadoes. One August hailstorm caused $89 million in damage to the area. That followed a long winter that included Edmonton’s coldest February in 40 years and a heavy snowfall to end April. Toronto, meanwhile, started the year with snowstorm after snowstorm and wind chill temperatures dropping below -30˚C.**

When you store valuable assets outdoors, such extreme weather events can affect security solutions. While there’s not much anyone can do to prevent natural disasters, you can still take steps to protect your property. When faced with hurricane-force winds and heavy rain at a construction site, for example, you can

  • Brace building components, store loose materials, erect windbreaks and secure equipment. Batten down anything that could become a projectile.
  • Evaluate site drainage and identify areas which may flood.
  • Ensure your roof is secure and the building is watertight before installing drywall and flooring.
  • Plan for where to install a temporary roof.
  • Have an emergency preparedness plan in place.

After a storm, secure your site and assess damage. Are your valuables still locked up? Are your fences secure? How will you prevent theft? Although thieves will hunker down during a tornado or a blinding blizzard, many will take advantage of the aftermath of a storm. Video-analytics-enabled security cameras can screen for rain, hail, snow and other weather elements, and issue an alert if an intruder braves the elements to help clear out your site. Such a system also allows you to monitor your premises during a thunderstorm from the comfort of your office.

The best way to protect outdoor assets is with an event-triggered security system that takes into account weather conditions.

*32˚C, 21˚C and 114 kph, respectively

**-22 ˚ F

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