Theft Ring in Austin Texas targeting Power Tools

by Stephanie Dawe November 8th, 2021 in Crime in Your Area
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austin texas power tools recovered

There is a theft ring in Austin Texas that the Texas Department of Public Safety Capitol Region Criminal Investigations Division in collaboration with the Austin Police Department property crimes detectives has been working to solve. Currently, they have over 50 different tools like power drills, Hiliti branded kits and other valuable power tools to return to their owners. The investigation is still ongoing as to how these tools were acquired by the theft ring but many businesses in Austin know that theft of power tools is common. 

It's easy for trespassers to pick up these hand-held tools and walk offsite unless there are sound security measures in place to alert police of a crime in progress. Unfortunately proving these items were stolen from specific businesses can be tricky unless the suspect is caught in the act with the tools in hand, which is why businesses in Austin should be taking a stern look at their perimeter security. Some quick things to check are: 

#1 Perimeter Security

Do I have my perimeter fenced off or can trespassers easily access my tools and equipment? 

#2 Live Crime Response Process

What is the process when a crime is taking place on my site? If I'm using security guards - what can they do immediately to protect my assets? If using a video security solution, ask your provider how often they successfully catch live crimes in progress. Read more about how this is the best way to eliminate crime from your site in this article.

#3 Lighting

When looking to steal from businesses, many criminals will act at night in low-lighting conditions. Do you have enough lighting? Does your video security solution use infrared lighting or thermal imaging to see in the dark? 

#4 Expert-level Crime Prevention Design

How well-designed is your outdoor yard according to CPTED principles (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)? Do you have an expert that can help you with that? 

#5 Relationship with Responding Officers

Do the local police officers know my outdoor lot and how comfortable are they responding to my area? If you have questions about navigating these relationships or are looking for some resources to help with the above suggestions, feel free to contact our security specialist team at no cost to you and we will prepare a custom solution for you to consider. 

Photo credit: Texas Department of Public Safety.

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