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by Stephanie Dawe November 12th, 2021 in Security Resources, Measuring Results, Saving Costs
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Many business owners assume that by having an alarm system, they are guaranteed to be protected by authorities. Did you know that due to false alarms from traditional alarm systems, authorities have stopped prioritizing calls from most security systems?

That's right. More than 90% of calls have been deemed as false alarms, forcing police to pick and choose what calls to make a priority. Read on to learn how businesses can be better protected by having a Radius Security system. 

Why You Need To Reconsider Outdated Alarm Systems 

We all know the sound. That ear-piercing beep over the speaker systems and some flashing lights. This biggest issue is: these systems aren't aiding in catching a criminal. They simply let you know that a criminal act is already happening. This results in having an alarm strictly in hopes it will scare a criminal off. Don't lie in wait while you hope your notice of alarms is enough of a deterrent. 

If your alarm wasn't flagged as false, then maybe the police will show up 30 minutes later. But 30 minutes is already too late. Career criminals are sneaky and well thought out. By the time authorities show, your business could have already lost thousands in inventory alone.

Without high-quality CCTV footage, the chances of catching the thief are slim. Especially if you weren't able to see the act itself without remote guarding. 

The Major Problem With Mainstream Alarm Companies 

As mentioned above, 90% to 99% of alarms are deemed as false alarms. These baffling statistics come from major companies. These stats may be very surprising to many business owners that may have these systems or, have been considering them as viable options. 

So what causes these systems to fail so often? These false alarms are set off by everything from squirrels, a delivery person, or even accidental activations. Often times the fault lies in low-quality sensors that don't have an intelligence function to differentiate between humans, motor vehicles, or other inanimate objects. 

How can businesses be assured they are better protected? Enter: Radius Security.  

How Radius Security Increases Response Time 

Every year authorities respond to nearly 40 million security alarm calls. That costs the police 1.8 billion dollars each year. Lack of funds and manpower have made police forces rethink how many alarm calls they respond to versus life-threatening situations. 

Businesses looking to protect their assets need to assure themselves that their alarms will be taken seriously, and not brushed off as a false alarm. Radius Security has a 1.4% false alarm rate! With results such as these, it's clear to see how radius security is using their high-tech systems to make sure police are reporting to all calls in a timely manner. 

Not only does the success lie within proven technology that works, but the command team is also there to quickly identify a suspicious person is at work. This assists first responders in knowing a crime is currently in progress and causes the police to act faster. 

Why You Can't Put A Price Tag On Security 

Remember the saying, 'You get what you pay for?' There truly are few things in this world we can put a price tag on. One of these things is our safety. 

Keep that in mind when shopping and price comparing for your alarm systems. By spending strategically on your security, you could be saving thousands in future thefts. Here's how: 

  • Stop the theft before it happens. Having systems in place may not protect you from all potential thefts, but it does deter some thefts from happening. Stop the theft ahead of time. Put the systems in place to make sure someone can't easily raid your site or warehouse. 
  • Eliminate repeat offenders. Chances are someone looking to vandalize your property or steal your equipment has done it in the past. By catching one, you may prevent future crimes like these from happening. 
  • Aiding in employee management. Nobody wants to be the boss who distrusts their employee's work ethics. Unfortunately, you don't know what's going on with your site or warehouse when you aren't around. Use remote guarding to keep an eye on how management runs without you, and make changes where necessary. 

Valuable Features Of Radius Security 

When faced with the statistics of false alarms with these major security companies, you may be wondering what kind of company you should be focused on investing in. Here's what makes Radius Security unique, and puts them ahead of the security game. 

1. Redhanded Human Detection Technology 

Redhanded is a trademarked human detection technology by Radius Security. Stop paying for a system that can mistake a raccoon for a human! 

Using this technology, business owners can monitor their assets in real-time. This is done using a blend of CCTV, remote monitoring, and real-time crime verification. 

By using the Redhanded technology, we are sure that a crime is in progress which is a proven way to get a quicker response rate. Not only does this get a better response time, but it also helps with arrests. 

Having access to CCTV and remote monitoring, you're able to see who the perpetrator is. This gives officers much more to go on and helps put the bad guys away for good. Most of the time, someone who has attempted theft, has done it previously. With these systems and video security helping to put away criminals, we can also put away career criminals who have likely done this before. 

2. Real-Time Remote Monitoring 
Stop relying on the sleep-deprived nightshift to protect all of your assets. As valuable as a nighttime security guard can be, they can't protect against everything. 

Take matters into your own hands with real-time remote guarding. Another excellent feature, remote guarding allows you to have eyes on your business anytime, anywhere. Feel confident that you will know what's happening when, and when to act. 

3. High Quality CCTV Footage 
No, CCTV is not a new technology. But it does need a major revamp. Our CCTV footage not only records what's happening but does so in a high resolution. 

Officers may be hardpressed to identify a thief on a grainy, low-quality recording. With Radius Security systems, police will be able to use the footage to identify and capture the criminal. Read more here on how our systems have helped business owners protect their work sites. 

Don't Just Scare Criminals Away, Put Them Away

A business owner's investments are their livelihood. This goes for their equipment and merchandise as well. Make sure you and your family's livelihood is protected to the fullest. Call or chat with a Radius Security expert today! 

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