Redhanded, Radius Security’s one-of-a-kind Remote Guarding Security Solution, employs our proprietary Human Detection Technology™ and a potent combination of CCTV, Remote Monitoring and Real-time Crime Verification & Reporting to protect your property. Our ability to eliminate false alarms and verify that a crime is ‘in-progress’ ensures priority response from law enforcement enabling the police to catch the bad guys red-handed. In other words, we don’t scare bad guys away – we help put them away.

Don't just scare them, put them away | Radius Security helps apprehend criminals
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Witness how customers like you catch criminals in-the-act across Canada and in the great state of Texas.
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April 25, 2022
Now Available in Texas – the very versatile and deployable solar power trailers! Now, Radius can cater to all locations without a direct power source – thanks to the warm and sunny weather in the Dallas area. The autonomous trailers are equipped with GSM communication, effectively allowing them to operate and be monitored remotely without any connection.
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April 23, 2019
Many factors come into play when determining the safety and security of a neighbourhood, such as personal safety, crime rates, and even digital security. Here are some of the safest, and most unsafe neighbourhoods in Toronto.
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March 18, 2020
Command Center supervisor Edward Corbett on what it takes to catch criminals and how his 225 apprehensions translates into 7,425 crimes prevented.

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