Crane climbing prevention

Crane Climbers Disrupt Job Sites

Crane climbers are a serious problem for construction companies. Encouraged by the exploits of thrill seekers on social media, trespassers are eager to climb cranes on job sites. Some construction sites report dozens of attempts a year. Too often, crane climbers are impaired and fall, injuring or killing themselves.

Even when crane climbers are unharmed, they may damage equipment. Aside from vandalism, a serious incident can significantly disrupt work as police cordon off the area to apprehend the crane climber or investigate an injury or death. Although a lawsuit against a property owner or general contractor may not succeed, it would harm your public relations and may increase insurance rates.

How to Stop Crane Climbers

The key to stopping crane climbing is to catch trespassers in the act. With Redhanded™ remote video monitoring security, our Human Detection Technology™ continuously scans, detects and tracks suspicious activity throughout your site. If an intruder is heading for the cranes on a job site, the software immediately alerts our command center operators. They can then assess and monitor any criminal activity and notify police—who catch the trespassers redhanded.

Redhanded™ outdoor video security cameras catch crane climbers like this one regularly. Placed strategically throughout your site, our cameras can track movement on your cranes, even as they rise with your project.

Secure your construction site against crane climbers with Redhanded™ live video monitoring,

Putting live video monitoring in place to prevent crane climbers shows your commitment to safety and will help limit liability if there is a law suit.

Contact us today to secure your construction site against crane climbers.

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