Read how companies are using Human Detection technology to eliminate crime and remotely manage their properties, completely changing how they do business.  

Timbo Duncan "We have gone to The Radius Security System on our South Dallas Plant. Great company, great employees, great service! This is exactly what we wanted. They don’t just sell you a system and walk away. The communication is always there. Very kind, courteous and professional group. I can’t say enough about Radius. Stop shopping around and call Radius, I promise you will be pleased with the results!"

Brad Barton "This company made it easy for us to focus on what we do each day, which is construction. They monitored the site for "bad guys" - which kept them out in more than one instance! As an unexpected bonus, their footage also helped us review current and past site conditions, this saved us $1,000s in rework or new material ordering. Would for sure use them again as our security go to on a construction site!"

Kalen Keach "The best construction site security system that I have used. Their camera system is cutting edge, providing us with a complete view of the ground plane of our site from our mobile devices 24/7. In the two incidents that we have had, Radius has alerted our team immediately to breaches of our site and had the police on the scene within minutes. In the most recent instance, the police were able to apprehend a would be climber before he got to the top of our tower crane and injured himself or others."

Travis"Radius has a very superior design/installation process. Their product is excellent but the most impressive aspect is their responsiveness after the install during the monitoring phase. They have made several apprehensions and zero false reports on my site. Highly Recommended."

Troy Riner "Radius Security has been the BEST construction camera company that I have had on any of my construction sites. They have the best customer service and simply the best active watch of any other company. We have captured numerous people breaking into the jobsite and they went to JAIL! We have had a couple accidents where the cameras were knocked over by heavy equipment and their response time to get to the site and get it back up and operational has been within hours. These guys don't just work 8-5 they are here after hours and not leaving until the cameras are back up and working. Their monitoring station staff are friendly and easy to work with. They are very strict on the password that you have, better remember it by heart, they are going to ask for it to make sure it's one of my staff calling in. Simply put "Great Camera Security Company"!"

David Salaver "Working with Radius Security was extremely easy and seamless. Their model of an isolated camera environment fit cleanly within our network infrastructure where all we needed to provide was a single ethernet handoff for their equipment. Accessing the camera system internally and remotely was also effortless to the end users and devices. Since the installation we have not had any issues with the system and it has not interfered with overall network performance. I would highly recommend Radius Security and their camera environment model for the rest of our locations." [Read More]

Alex C "Quite impressed with the quality of Radius' hardware and level of service. Would hire again for future construction site security." 

Roth Hickling "I had experienced working with Radius Security on a commercial project and noted their high level of customer care. After that experience we immediately had Radius take over our residential account and have been extremely satisfied. We have high standards and expectations therefore a five star rating does not come easily. Thank You Kim and Anthony...job well done."  [Read More]

Shayne Sharma "The people at Radius have been extremely easy to work with. When we moved into our new dealership they were really helpful with the transition. I've had a few people recommend Radius to us in the past, so we decided to give them a shot and we are really happy we did." 

Hans Schranz "We are using their Video Surveillance system on our construction site. It's been working great and has stopped multiple break-ins. James G. one of the Security Specialist has done an amazing job and I would recommend them as they are very efficient and secure."

Zachary Bourn "Our experience after having Radius Security install their camera system has been excellent. Within weeks our facility was targeted by a prowler and the camera system worked effectively in order for the RCMP to catch the individual. Since then no further instances have been encountered and our facility has now tied in our fire service as well as building security. Was exactly what we were looking for."

Ken Pukanich "Radius protects four of AutoCanada’s automotive dealership properties in the Fraser Valley, where we had experienced significant loses due to theft and vandalism. For years, the Radius remote monitoring system has provided us with a high level of confidence that our buildings and inventory are always being watched and kept secure. Perhaps equal to the savings from these potential losses is our abilities to track lot damage and hold drivers, vendors, staff and customers accountable for damage they have caused. Unequaled, even by manned guards, for apprehensions and getting word out to the criminal element to avoid our properties. Excellent value for peace of mind."

Larry Holcroft"We have experienced virtually no issues with property loss since installing the Radius system, it is so effective we have installed it at our other facility which has saved us thousands in loss and damage. The monitoring staff works well with the RCMP which had led to several apprehensions. The service is excellent and they are always testing the system to make sure it running with optimal performance and is upgraded when system improvements are developed."

JD F "Radius Security provides our business confidence that our assets are protected - unlike any security provider we have had in the past. Their system allows us to catch activity before it occurs and gives us a proactive security approach in stead of reactive resulting in far less incidents and lower insurance claims."

Bill Powers "Radius Security Camera System has been monitoring our many acres of product for the past 3 years. We have had several apprehensions and a significant reduction in crime since we moved in 5 years ago. Talking with Law Enforcement who have attended our site they say they are working more and more with Radius Security because they get live feed back on the predators movements while they are surrounding the premise. We are getting under 20 minute response time for Police to arrive on site in force. Highly recommend their services over all the other systems we have tried and failed."

Daniel Rossi "We use Radius Security on all our New Construction Projects and Highly recommend them for their service, installation and security. They have exceeded our expectations and their security system has made numerous apprehensions with a follow up email of the apprehension, video and police report. 5 stars - highly recommend."

John Mellas "Our company has been using their services for at least a few years. I've had no issues with them thus far. In fact they've been quite responsive to various service requests. Keep up the good work!"

Marc Nord"Great service and product. I've been working with Radius over the past 1 - 2 years and they have helped me plan and set up a secure site."

Kim Leung "A lovely lady named Sharon (hope that’s right) really really helped me out. I really appreciate it thanks again"

Rick Wenzoski "Radius security system has prevented theft and potential injury from trespassers with the quick response on my large construction site. The staff are very professional."

Brandon Drewlo "I've been a customer of Radius Security both personally and in my business for over 5 years, and have been consistently impressed by their service. They're always on the ball with a quick phone call, or even a heads up when my phone line is down and they're not seeing a signal. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!"

Lisa L "We have been long time customers of Radius Security and have recently upgraded our system when we did our renovation. It's exciting to know, with a quick press of a button on our IPad or IPhone we can see who is at our front door or in our backyard! We have always received reliable, dependable and professional service whether it's Radius's service technicians, customer service or monitoring departments. It is peace of mind knowing our home is safe and secure while we are home or away and are comforted by the fact that Radius has an immediate response time if we need them. I highly recommend Radius Security to anyone looking for security."

Monty Wong (Arctic Arrow Group)Thank your team for always being a watchful eye. If there was ever a "Just in time," this was a perfect case where the truck fire could have potentially damaged parallel trucks if the fire department didn't arrive on time, thanks to your response.

JD Frame, General Manager (Prairie Coast Equipment Langley) "Our store in Langley gets perpetually broken into. They rob catalytic converters… it’s just brutal. Since we’ve put Radius in, we’ve caught every single guy. Two days ago, Dave comes into my office with this huge smile and a cheque in his hand. And I’m like looking at this cheque, $1,300…. I go, what’s this about? This is the guy we caught two months ago, the burglar, we went to court and he paid us back for the damages that he did in our dealership. Who’s ever gotten money from a guy who broke into [his place], right? I was like, “This is awesome.” So your security system has become a profit centre for our business."

Pierre Champness (General Superintendent, CANA Group of Companies) "We have found your services to be very effective. On several recent projects, we have had many arrests as a result of break-ins and illegal site entry. We believe we have saved a significant amount as a result of the Radius program preventing loss and damage. From the tendering and planning stages, your staff do a great job setting the projects up. The operators have good communication skills and are easy to interact with."

Aly Jiwani "We haven’t had any incidents, any incidents whatsoever with Radius Security from Day 1. Very professional. Haven’t had any security issues, any break-ins or any problems. Any issues that have come up Radius has solved it instantly for us. I like the fact that someone is on the ball all the time. And the... level of service is constant. I don’t have to worry about somebody sleeping here. Even with guards, I’ve had break-ins in front of the guards. I’ve had things happen--things such as wheels off of cars, break-ins of a fence--in front of guards before. Having a guard here was not a deterrent in any way."

Richard (Grand Performance Auto) "We thought it would be difficult and expensive to switch to Radius Security for security services but it was painless and it cost less. The availability of different services allows us to choose what suits us and knowing that they have been in business for more than 60 years is reassuring."

Daniel "Radius Security exceeded my expectations in every way. Everyone from sales to the technician did an impressive job facilitating the installation of my security system in an efficient and timely manner. I consider Radius to be one of the best service providers I have dealt with to date."

Jim (Magnum Frames) "I found Radius Security to have exceeded my expectations all the way from meeting with the Security Specialist to dealing with the Installation Technician. We were shown how to use the system in a manner that made it very easy for us to operate after the technician left. Compared to our last provider, you guys are a 10 in comparison to the two we had previously."

Terry Staley (Masonic Cemetery) "The Sales Rep that came to our place of business was very friendly and informative. We were very pleased. We signed up with Radius Security and we save over $300 annually. We are happy to know that our property is protected by Radius Security."

Lyndon King (AWM Alliance) "Before our company began depending upon Radius Security, we didn't realize the full scope of all they do and how well they know the industry. In fact, I find the technicians very knowledgeable. The customer service representatives are consistent in contacting us so we don't have to remember every detail about repairs or maintenance. And their response time is fast. Overall, our experience has been efficient and conscientious service."

Robert Bourne (Nutri-Lawn) "You and your team exceeded my expectations at every turn. Now that we have your security system in place, I'm very happy we made the move.  Video Alarm Verification just makes sense.  It's user friendly, years ahead of anyone else in the industry and it works! Of course I never want to have a need to use the system, but knowing Radius Security is plugged in gives me one less thing to worry about."

Connie and Conrad "We chose Radius Security because it has the best technology in the marketplace. The company is family-owned and has been around for a long time so we aren't worried it will go out of business." 

Craig Bradshaw (Arcturus Realty) "I am very pleased with the attention and service we have received from Radius Security. Working with one sales representative at Radius Security has many benefits. It means I have a single point of contact for all our requirements. It means she understands our business, our concerns and our clients' concerns. And that translates into great customer service."

David Makranyi (BCAA) "Everything went great. I felt very comfortable with Allan, Richard and Rob taking care of the changeover. they were all very knowledgeable and confirmed Radius was the right choice for the job."

George "We like the fact that Radius Security is a one-stop shop and it is local. We thought having a security service would be expensive and complicated but it is surprisingly affordable and the system is easy to use."

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