Fire Monitoring

If there’s a fire, help must arrive within minutes. Fire monitoring is critical for protecting your property and people. Radius Security’s Command Center monitors clients’ fire alarm systems and notifies the fire department immediately when an alarm is triggered. Without monitoring, your only hope is if someone calls 9-1-1.

That’s why most building codes make fire monitoring mandatory for buildings with automatic sprinklers and occupancy loads of more than a couple of hundred people.

Sprinkler Systems

sprinkler_cropped.jpgAutomatic sprinkler systems are an important defence against the ravages of fire. But, what about property damage due to a leaking or malfunctioning sprinkler system? If you do not stop the flow, the damages could be costly. Let our Command Center monitor your sprinkler system 24 hours a day. Your building is protected, even when it is empty.

Two Companies | One Purpose

Vancouver Fire is B.C.'s oldest and largest provider of fire protection services. Radius Security is a pioneer and industry leader in security services. The two companies share a common purpose: to safeguard the life and property of our clients.

From our central Command Center, trained operators respond to fire alarms, intruders, water leaks, and much, much more. Our clients save time and money by integrating fire safety with security services. Together, we provide you with the best security and fire prevention solutions. Call us at 1.877.632.2407 for professional fire monitoring.


Advantages of Having Your Fire System Monitored

Lower Insurance Rates

Many insurance companies reduce premiums when you fire system is monitored, and may refuse coverage if it is not.

Reduced Risk of Water Damage

Leaky sprinklers can cause extensive water damage. Our Command Center notifies you if your system is malfunctioning.

Reduced Risk to Life and Property

When a fire alarm is triggered, the system instantly calls 9-1-1. Every second counts when there is a fire.

When considering fire monitoring, ask yourself:

Save time & money by integrating your fire prevention and security solutions.

Sign up today for fire monitoring services by Vancouver Fire and Radius Security, and we will:

  • Supply and install one fire alarm monitoring panel which transmits all fire alarm and sprinkler trouble signals to our Command Center.
  • Monitor the system 24 hours a day.
  • Repair and maintain the panel (parts and labor due to equipment malfunction or failure)
  • Waive the installation fee and three months of monitoring fees

Call us now at 1.877.632.2407 and relax knowing your building is monitored.

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