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Radius Security offers a full range of video security solutions, from traditional CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras to the latest digital video technology--plus the added protection of video alarm verification. Trained operators at our Command Center monitor your property 24/7. Whatever your business, we can tailor an indoor video surveillance package to suit your building and budget.


security_camera.jpegTraditionally, CCTV monitors and security cameras form the core of most video surveillance systems. The term refers to a system of arranging security cameras (in a closed circuit), rather than a specific type of camera. In fact, CCTV systems encompass a wide range of cameras.

Today’s IP or network security cameras store video footage on an embedded server, providing higher-quality images than the blurry, low-resolution images of traditional analog video stored on local hard drives. Our Command Center monitors the continuous video feed from your security cameras around the clock, and you can access digital IP video feeds from your smartphone.

Video Alarm Verification

Video Alarm Verification adds a critical layer of protection to any video surveillance system. Because 95 to 99 per cent of dispatched calls from security systems are false alarms, police respond when and if they can. However, if you can provide video to verify a crime in progress, police will assign your incident top priority.

From our central Command Center, Radius security personnel have continuous access to video footage of any suspicious activity. They can give police dispatchers a play-by-play of what is happening on site.

Adding Video Alarm Verification to your existing security system will

Stool Pigeon Video-Verified Alarms

As an alternative to a 24/7 security video feed, or as part of your remote video monitoring solution, Radius Security’s Stool Pigeon alarm verification system generates video clips only when an intruder trips an alarm. The system immediately sends the video clip to our video monitoring station operators and to your smartphone. Our operators or you can verify the alarm from the clip and notify police.

Stool Pigeon combines a traditional CCTV system with our 24/7 monitoring service to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for your business.

How Stool Pigeon video verified alarms work

Video Analytics and Redhanded™ Remote Guarding

While CCTV has a variety of applications, not all CCTV cameras are ideal for outside video monitoring. If your business also stores valuable assets outdoors, check out our “Redhanded Video Monitoring and Surveillance” page to learn about our video-analytics-enabled remote guarding solutions.

Contact us today for a free security consultation. Let us help you put together a video surveillance package tailored to the needs of your business.

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