Intrusion Detection solutions

Catching intruders is the first step in any security strategy. To protect your property, employees, and clients, you must determine your most vulnerable access points--and secure them. As a full-service security company, Radius Security provides end-to-end solutions for any commercial application--including intrusion detection. Contact us today.

You may require simple door and window contacts or a comprehensive video surveillance system complete with sophisticated motion sensors, cameras and password-protected key pads. Or, perhaps, you have an existing CCTV system and need to enhance your video surveillance solution with glass-break sensors and an alarm response protocol.

How Intrusion Detection Works

Every building configuration presents unique challenges and requires a custom solution for intrusion detection and video surveillance. However, here's a typical scenario:

At Radius Security, we offer a full range of intrusion detection tools from major manufacturers, including Honeywell, DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) and DSC (a Tyco International Company). We have the expertise to recommend and install the tools that work best for your business. We can also modify your existing security system to improve its intrusion detection. Plus integrate any new devices so that all the components work together seamlessly.

Options to Consider

When designing or upgrading your intrusion detection system, consider

Whatever your security needs, our security experts can help you design an effective customized solution.

Contact us today to review your security needs and evaluate which tools would work best for you.

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