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Installation and Service Administrative Coordinator full-time Richmond, BC, Canada More >>
Surveillance/Monitoring Station Operator - Night Shift full-time Richmond, BC, Canada More >>
Networking and Application Administrator full-time Richmond, BC, Canada More >>
Sales Specialist full-time Austin, TX, USA More >>

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Why Choose Us?

We have been in your spot. Looking at a careers page to learn more about the company and see if it’s one’s worth applying to. We appreciate that candidates spend a lot of time preparing a resume to sell why they would be a great fit for the role. Well, here is our attempt to sell you on why you should consider building your career with us.

We won’t bother talking much about competitive compensation, health & dental benefits, and our ‘Hit the Target’ bonuses, as we believe that’s pretty standard. We want to dive into all the other benefits that make us different. The reasons why our team retention is high and engagement scores continue to get stronger year over year.

Our Culture – it’s in our DNA.

  • The 30 “Fundamentals” that make up Our DNA are the building blocks that outline how we work with our customers, our partners, and each other. These Fundamentals describe who we are, and they are what drive our unique culture and extraordinary success. Our DNA is what makes us, us. We guarantee you’ve likely seen nothing like it.
  • Come be part of our unique culture and champion our DNA. Living the DNA is a lifelong commitment for all of us and we are dedicated to finding cultural champions who can help lead by example.

We’re a Family. Literally and figuratively.

  • We are a proudly family owned and operated company with over 180 team members in both Canada and the US, who are part of the extended family. Although we are excited about our growth, we are committed to keeping the sense of family within our business.
  • We have events throughout the year where we love to connect with one another and meet extended family. Pub Nights, Spirit Days, Potlucks, Volunteer Days, Bake Sales, Ice Cream Days, Food Trucks, Summer Family BBQ, Annual Family Skate, Kids Holiday Gift Giveaway, Annual Holiday Party … to name a few.
  • In honour of two team members who had passed on, we proudly created annual scholarships in their honour. These scholarships are awarded to children of our team members pursuing post-secondary education.
  • We offer flexible options for both Parental Leave and Retirement Leave. We appreciate both these milestones, and are happy to work with you on gradual transition plans and flexible work options upon your return or during your departure.

Be Proud of Where You Work

  • We are pretty much superheroes, without the capes.
  • There is a reason we are deemed an essential service. The nature of our business is to ensure the safety and security of our customers, their property, and the overall community. Remember our slogan – ‘don’t just scare them away, put them away’. The industries we are in enables us to promote job security.
  • Be inspired by our Google customer reviews and come help us generate even more positive testimonials! Our awesome customers rave about us, with good reason. We are continued to constantly finding ways to streamline our processes and ensure we are providing them the ‘legendary service’ we strive for in Our DNA.

We Are a Team-Oriented Environment. It’s Not a Cliché - We Mean It.

  • We genuinely care about one another and aim to have fun everyday. Keeping Things Fun is one of our DNA fundamentals after all. It helps if you have a fun-loving attitude, as we are always looking to add people who can generate more laughter at work. Who wants to work in an environment without comradery?
  • Open door management, regular one-on-one meetings, team meetings and events, and the laid back team culture helps make sure everyone feels heard and supported.
  • Our people have driven our success, which is why we are picky with who we let into our family. We are dedicated to continually scouting for top talent with values that align with our culture, to help us continue to build on that very success.

Let’s Grow Together.

  • We offer a Tuition Reimbursement program to support your learning goals.
  • In many positions we cover the cost of education, certifications, and association dues.
  • We conduct Annual 2-Way Performance & Development Reviews & Annual Compensation Reviews, as our goal is to invest in your ongoing development and always ensure we are competitive in the market.
  • We conduct an Annual Engagement Survey, to ensure we are continually listening to our team and their ideas to improve our work environment, processes, and perks.

We Invest in Community Matters because Community Matters. 

  • We are lucky to have a group of owners who are passionate about our responsibility as a company to take care of the community. We support several initiatives that are directly related to the industries we’re involved in. Check out our Community Matters page to learn more about our incredible partners. 
  • We are lucky to have a great group of passionate individuals involved in our Community Matters committee. We are always welcoming new members to the team.
  • Aside from our partnerships, we are happy to support our team members with organizations close to their heart by offering company-matched donations on their behalf.

Don’t simply take our word for it …

This is what our team had to say when we asked them why they love being part of the Radius team?

*Please note: we assure you that these are in fact real employees, who were not bribed, compensated, or promised the world, in any way.


You Are Not a Number
5 star rating

It’s a family run business. You are not a number, you are a person when you work for Radius. Management cares and they show you by the actions they take.

–Sharon Hunt, Command Center Manager
A Melting Pot of Nationalities
5 star rating

Good people, good team. It’s a melting pot of nationalities. We also have confidence for the future.

–Vladimir Rusanov, RG Field Technician
Operator Tag Team Catching Criminals
5 star rating

Catching criminals but helping an operator tag team on catching a criminal is AWESOME!

–Jackie Lau, Command Center Supervisor

Feel Like Part of the family
5 star rating

The company is a family-oriented business and they make you feel part of the family. They hire anyone that is fit to do the job. No bias in any way on race, religion or orientation.

–Petra Kaczmarek, Incidents Investigator
We Help Encourage Each Other
5 star rating

Everyone has the passion to move forward and to make everything better every day. We are always together towards the same direction, and we help encourage each other.

–Henry Chow, Installation Team Lead
We Make a Difference
5 star rating

I love working for Radius because we make a difference in protecting our customer’s lives and property, every single day.

–Kami Siebert, Command Center Supervisor

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