Radius Security’s Noah Construction water leak detection and control system protects construction projects from costly water damage.

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Stay on Schedule

Repairing water damage uses up valuable time. Detect leaks immediately to keep your building on track for occupancy

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Avoid Supply Chain Headaches

Waiting for back-ordered replacement materials means longer delays at the critical stage – just prior to occupancy.

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Reduce Insurance Costs

Water damage accounts for half of all commercial insurance claims in Canada and costs three times as much as other claims.*

*Sources: Zurich NA and Canadian Underwriters

Water is the new fire when it comes to insurance claims. A history of claims can make it difficult and--with high deductibles and increased premiums--expensive to secure insurance coverage for future projects. Reduce your insurance costs by preventing water damage.


Clients Trust Radius Security

Clients depend on Radius Security’s expertise. They come to us for innovative solutions because we are pioneers in life safety and security. Our clients’ trust has made Radius an industry leader.


On a Friday night, one month before completion, a faulty water hammer suppressor in a dishwasher on the top floor of a 17-storey high-rise caused a steady water leak from a ½” line. By Monday morning, the undetected leak had reached the ground-floor lobby. A security guard was on duty during the leak, including patrolling the halls and stairwells but did not notice it. Millwork, ceilings, walls and floors had to be replaced throughout the building.

Delay: three months. Total cost: more than $10 million. Amount covered by insurance: only $1 million.

After this incident, the client asked Radius to design a system to detect a leak as small as 1 gallon per minute—even while the suites are still under construction. We developed Noah Construction water leak detection and control to save developers and general contractors from such disastrous losses and delays.

If there is a leak, Noah knows. And so will you.

Water Damage Prevention During Construction

A building under construction should have no water flow after hours. Noah detects any water flow and controls the leak right away. Here’s how it works:

Flooded Kitchen

Why Choose Noah for Water Risk Mitigation?

Noah leak detection installations work better for water risk mitigation than security guards or residential DIY leak detection systems. In a project with non-functioning elevators, a security guard cannot catch leaks with visual inspections unless they are checking every locked suite.

Using a residential water leak detection system with automatic control of the main water shutoff in a building under construction will fail because such systems were not designed for construction sites.

Timing is everything. Choose Noah water flow detection to stop any leak immediately.

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