Time Lapse Video

Want to monitor progress on your construction project in real time? Need a time-lapse video of your building from start to finish to showcase what you can do? Manage and market your project with Radius Security’s time-lapse videos.

Keep Projects on Time and on Budget

Mounted high above your job site, Radius’ cameras provide an overview of your entire construction site and take snapshots every 15 minutes for daily time lapse videos or once per day for long-term videos. Radius edits and stores these photos to generate time-lapse videos at any time during construction. 

  • Check details. Access real-time views and time-lapse videos of the job site at any time.*
  • Document progress. Show stakeholders time-lapse videos of each step completed.
  • Meet deadlines. Spot and troubleshoot incidents as they arise.
  • Meet budgets. Time-lapse cameras are a cost-effective way to track progress.
  • Make informed decisions. Confirm facts and details in real time.

Keep your project on schedule and on budget with time-lapse videos by Radius Security.

*Live views available only if client provides Internet access.

Engage Clients with Time-Lapse Video

Video content drives marketing success today. According to a 2022 survey, 81% of marketers say videos have helped them directly to increase sales and 94% report videos increase understanding of their product or service.

Engage clients and potential clients with time-lapse videos of your unfolding construction project. Radius Security can produce a time-lapse video of your project at any time for easy upload to your web site or distribution across your social media channels. Include a time-lapse video in your client presentations for dynamic storytelling. It will give your marketing efforts a human touch.

Start documenting, managing, and marketing your project today with time-lapse videos. Call us at 1.877.632.2407 for more information.


Industry Leaders

For 75 years, Radius has built a reputation for innovative solutions and dedication to life and safety. We are pioneers in video monitoring and construction leak detection. Clients trust us to protect their people and property.

Top Results

Our 50% apprehension rate is the highest in the industry, with 700+ successful apprehensions in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, our 1.2% false alarm rate is the best in the industry.

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

From our central Command Center, trained operators offer 24/7 monitoring and support. Our local offices serve sites across Canada and in Texas.


Police Relationships

We build strong relationships with local police forces. With our record-low false alarm rate and real-time crime verification, dispatchers trust Radius. That means priority police responses—and even more apprehensions.

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