REDHANDED™ Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Redhanded™ live remote video monitoring is Radius Security’s unique strategy for securing outdoor assets at construction sites, car dealerships, outdoor storage facilities, and many other locations. Using Human Detection Technology™ to verify threats, Redhanded™ live video monitoring means faster police responses to catch crimes in progress.

Redhanded™ Video Monitoring vs Surveillance and Security Guards

Clients often rely on security guards or traditional video surveillance to protect their outdoor assets, but both these solutions are limited by human fatigue and error. On the other hand, Human Detection Technology™ software sees, analyzes and identifies every potential threat in real-time, while filtering out non-threats like wildlife, weather and outdoor conditions. 

Security Guards and Surveillance

Redhanded™ Video Monitoring

Redhanded™ live remote video monitoring uses Human Detection Technologyy™ video analytics software to bring you a more effective outdoor security solution than on-site security guards and video surveillance alone, at a fraction of the cost.

How Redhanded™ Remote Video Monitoring Works

Combining live operators with advanced video analytics technology, Redhanded™ remote guarding is the best solution for outdoor security. Here's how it works:

  • Our command center operators monitor live video feeds 24/7
  • Our Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software alerts them to any suspicious human movement.
  • Operators confirm trespassers on site, or as they approach.
  • If appropriate, operators activate a Suspicious Behavior Alert with strobe lights, alarms, and two-way speakers.
  • Operators may also send a verified crime in progress report, together with video evidence, to local police.
  • With video alarm verification, police catch trespassers or potential thieves in the act.

Our goal is arrests with no damage to property or personal injuries.

I don’t have to worry about somebody sleeping here. Even with guards, I’ve had break-ins in front [of them]. -- Aly Jiwani, Open Road BMW Langley

Watch our Youtube Channel to see trespassers caught in the act by police.

To design a Redhanded™ live remote video monitoring solution tailored for your outdoor location and business, contact us today.

Why Choose Redhanded™ Video Monitoring

For video monitoring and outdoor video security, Redhanded™ remote guarding is your best option.


Our security cameras with Human Detection Technologyy™ also offer verified threat detection. That means no false alarms, no fines, and faster police response times. About 95% of traditional burglar alarms turn out to be false and they drain scarce police resources. By verifying a crime in progress using video, our calls are assigned top priority by police dispatchers. 

Responding officers appreciate video alarm verification because they have access to our cameras and can view live crimes in progress. This often leads to a more efficient arrest and can help protect officers in the line of duty.

We’re so confident Redhanded™ live remote video monitoring works that we take responsibility for any damage to our equipment due to vandalism. Learn more about how to protect your construction site, dealership, storage facility, or other outdoor site.

Live Video Feeds for Remote Management

Manage your outdoor properties, such as construction sites and car lots, using live video feeds. With Human Detection Technology™ by Radius, you can monitor multiple job sites and video feeds at once, in real time. On your smart-phone or any Internet-enabled device, you can check your sites directly at any time to address issues as they come up. Having the video footage from our remote guarding security cameras can also help resolve trade disputes and provide critical information for any insurance claims.

Redhanded™ remote video monitoring has a wide range of uses:

Redhanded™ can be effective in schools, auto dealerships, theme parks, sports facilities, construction sites, correctional facilities, chemical plants, data centers, power plants and more.

If your secured area spans multiple sites, such as parking garages, retail outlets or entrance gates, the Radius Security team can integrate the components into a seamless network, monitoring all locations at once.

Contact us today to design a Redhanded™ remote video monitoring package to fit your security needs and budget.

Using Suspicious Behavior Alerts

Customers choose Radius Security because they want to help police departments apprehend criminals. That means the Radius team works closely with police dispatchers to respond to crimes in progress, normally without activating our Suspicious Behavior Alert (SBA) system of strobe lights, sirens, and two-way communication. SBAs should be deployed sparingly and only in accordance with established guidelines from local law enforcement agencies. Our command center operators rely on their technical security training to assess SBA indicators, including:

Operators are trained to use our SBAs strategically, and never when we think someone is trying to test our security response. In such cases, we work with law enforcement to co-ordinate a dispatch to apprehend the suspect, if appropriate, or to create a longer-lasting impression.
For more information on how our customers have worked with law enforcement to help decrease crime in the communities using live remote video monitoring, call us at 1 (877) 632 2407.

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