Announcing Solar Trailers for Construction Security

April 25th, 2022 in Construction Security, Outdoor Asset Security
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Now Available in Texas – the very versatile and deployable solar power trailers! Now, Radius can cater to all locations without a direct power source – thanks to the warm and sunny weather in the Dallas area. The autonomous trailers are equipped with GSM communication, effectively allowing them to operate and be monitored remotely without any connection. With the trailers powering cameras and sensors can deliver the same Redhanded technology without direct power. Though smaller, it is more portable and adept at surveying construction sites before they are powered – meaning that supplies and equipment in the workplace are monitored around the clock to protect them from theft or damage.

Ensuring that your property is protected and safety is our number one priority. Radius is proud to contribute to over 1000 apprehensions within the last 12 months, with a response time of under 8 minutes and a false alarm rate of less than 1.4%. This all ties into the capabilities and reliability of our solar-powered trailers – as they use our proprietary technology in a mobile setting to effectively prevent crime and damage. Our relationship with law enforcement is strengthened through every apprehension, and having one of these solar-powered trailers on your site means that police will arrive at the scene to catch and would-be intruders red-handed. When officers can expect there to be a possibility for trouble, they will be more alert and can confidently take on a call knowing there is likely a crime being committed.

The batteries for each of these trailers run on solar power calculation. Essentially, they use as much power as they need and won’t use any extra power if they don’t have to! The trailers are also modified with everything necessary to ensure that our checklist of security standards is met. Most trailers supply a backup generator which is usually placed on top, but since they are at a high risk of theft, we avoid the use of these generators and solely rely on solar power alone. This means that you will continue to have 24-hour monitoring and won’t need to worry about your security system failing, being stolen, or being damaged. The wires that keep these trailers running are all hidden internally, so the feed to your cameras cannot be cut in preparation for any sort of “secret operation” potential criminals may have. We went the extra mile to ensure that these solar-powered trailers are efficient and effective, and we’re happy they have garnered a ton of great feedback!

The trailers are manufactured in the United States. Not only are they exceptional pieces of equipment that operate in Texas, but they will perform just as well in other areas with similar weather – making them a hot commodity for businesses located in warmer climates. We currently have 10 trailers deployed and monitoring the many workplaces that have an urgent need for security, and we’re only expanding from here! More trailers are on the way and will be monitoring sites like yours.

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